Writing Viral Content | how to make a blog post go viral

Some content goes viral for inexplicable reasons. Think about Gangnam Style, Susan Boyle, Coffin Dancers, and many other things that spread through the internet like wildfire.

Writing Viral Content | how to make a blog post go viral

For some reasons, these things become everyone’s talk for a while.

Suppose you find a way to create viral content, you can improve your online business significantly.

Other traffic generation strategies like SEO, paid search, and social media marketing cannot measure up to the immense potential that viral content has.

Because of the potential rewards that creating viral content has, people are now studying this phenomenon.

One of the preliminary discoveries is that it is not entirely dependent on good luck. Employing specific techniques increase the chances of your content going viral.

If you want to know the fundamentals of creating viral content, you should read the following books.

• Contagious: Why Things Stick On by Jonah Berger

This article outlines the most crucial parts of these books to improve your chances of writing viral content.

If you learn how to generate such material consistently, your website will receive an extraordinary amount of traffic and earn you a significant income.

Although your content must not have all the ten characteristics listed below, the more you have, the higher the probability of it going viral.


Here are the ten characteristics.

Social Currency

Writing Viral Content | how to make a blog post go viral

People like sharing content that makes them look good.

If sharing your posts makes others feel smart, trendy or knowledgeable, they will not hesitate to do it.

Think about the part of your content that appeals to a broad audience and find ways to capitalize on it.

Present it in a way that makes the people who share it feel good.

Some of the ways to increase your content’s social currency include:

• Finding the inner remarkability – this is what makes our content interesting. More specifically, it changes your audience’s perspective. You can achieve this by integrating mystery and controversy into your posts.

• Gamification – leveraging game mechanics can be challenging if the only type of content you generate are blog posts. Nowadays, more sites are rewarding visitors with badges, rankings and virtual cash for completing specific actions while browsing. Studies indicate that people want more if they get the points. They are also more likely to recommend your platform to others if you gamify it.

• Treating visitors as insiders – if you make your audience feel connected to your content, they will talk about it. Ensure that you treat your visitors as insiders, and they will reward you by recommending your site to others.


Writing Viral Content | how to make a blog post go viral

A trigger is something that provokes your thinking. The reality about people is that they like talking about their surroundings. This is why triggers are crucial.

It would be best if you devised ways to connect your ideas with a powerful trigger that prompts your audience to hank about our business and discuss it with others.

The two fundamentals of creating triggers are accessibility and frequency.

• Accessibility -your triggers should be readily accessible so that people can take the next action.

• Frequency – a trigger is useless if it does not show up frequently since the intended audience might need several reminders to take the desired action.


Writing Viral Content | how to make a blog post go viralEvoking emotions through content is one of the trickiest skills to learn. However, it can be invaluable if you master it.

The objective is to create content that triggers emotions that cause physiological arousal. These are feelings that prompt you to either take action or stay put.

Some of the emotions you should look to evoke include:
• Awe – if people find your content awesome, they are likely to share it.

• Anger – when people are angry at you, they will discuss and share your content to justify their annoyance—being controversial sells. However, make sure that you do not overdo it because you will appear stupid. Also, have facts to back your contrarian opinions.

• Anxiety – if your content makes people anxious, ensure that you include a way to relieve it. This strategy draws your audience closer to your content since they know that you provide a solution.

• Fear -fear of missing out can motivate your audience into sharing your content.

• Joy – if your content makes people happy, they are likely to share it to spread the happiness.

• Passion – you cannot make people passionate about your content without consistency. Although it takes time, your audience will not shut up about your content if it makes them passionate.

• Surprise – if you publish unique content on your website, your audience will share it.


As obvious as it seems, publicizing your content is vital to making it viral.

A mistake made by several content creators is limiting the publicity of their material to online platforms like websites, email and social media.

The reality is that word-of-mouth is the most effective way to reach the broadest audience possible.

The best way to publicize your content through conversations is by incentivizing your existing audience to talk to others about it. You can this by offering free downloadable resources and other promotional materials.


Writing Viral Content | how to make a blog post go viral

Even if you are already creating valuable content, it is essential to consider both your interest and the audience’s needs. Simply put, the content to benefit you and the reader.

When the reader finishes consuming your content, there should be at least one call-to-action statement that prompts them to do something, such as providing their information, sharing or buying from you.

Falling to include this often leave the visitor demotivated and encourages them to shift to another platform.


Sometimes, you might create content with so much scientism and facts that it bores the audience. Most internet users have a low attention span, and some of them do not want to get educated.

However, using a storytelling approach can make your content appealing and sharable. Ensure that your stories encourage readers to share the message.


Avoid ambiguity in your content, as it makes your ideas harder to remember. If you discuss twenty points in a single post, people get confused and are likely to leave for other sites.

When creating content, emphasize clarity and simplicity. Focus on the content’s core message. If you find it challenging, try to use analogies.


Writing Viral Content | how to make a blog post go viral

As mentioned earlier, people like sharing unexpected content. That said, you should not use it for the sake.

Instead, it should have a more in-depth and profound meaning.

The thing about surprises is that they aim to leave people to keep thinking about what you said and make the idea stay in the heads for long.


People who know too much about something might at sometimes be poor at sharing their knowledge with others.

When writing content, avoid using jargon. If your audience cannot understand what you are talking about, they will not share your content and also leave your website.

Try to use concrete terms that are understandable to a layperson. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Would you understand the content if you read it? If you did not know anything about the topic, would you comprehend anything?

However, if your audience is knowledgeable, do not fear using jargon.


Writing Viral Content | how to make a blog post go viral

When starting, it can be challenging to earn credibility. Here are some tactics you can use to increase your content’s believability.

• Citing authority sites – ensure that your content links to authority sites in your niche.

• Use statistics – when you include statistics in your content, it makes you appear more professional. However, too many numbers can overwhelm the reader. Try to accompany your stats with stories to make them more understandable.

• Be detailed – details add credibility and power to your content. Psychological research shows that more information can increase your story’s power, even when they are not related to the core message.

As mentioned earlier, it is not mandatory to implement all of the characteristics mentioned above to create viral content. This article only gives an overview of how to get started.

To get more information, it would be best if you read the books recommended at the start of this post.

The most crucial aspect of making viral content is understanding your audience. Make sure that it triggers emotions and includes keywords that are relevant to your website traffic.

Lastly, ensure that you use captivating headlines that encourage visitors to read your content entirely.

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