What Is Digital Worth Academy About | Honest Review From A Real Member

With over 12 years’ worth of industry experience, the Digital Worth Academy is an online course with coaching a program and suite of proprietary software that teaches students how to build highly profitable authority blogs in any niche with the ultimate goal of creating a full-time income working from home and leading to the eventual digital asset sale.

I joined on launch back in 2018 after a recommendation from a business associate who was good friends with Andrew Hansen who is a joint owner and cofounder of Digital Worth Academy.

If you are interested in working from home and building out successful affiliate blogs then DWA might be for you.

So let’s dive in and find out What Is Digital Worth Academy About, and how it can help you build a successful blogging business online.

The Digital Worth Academy platform is very structured and follows a step by step video course strategy. You must complete each section before moving onto the next step in the training.

Sara Young is Andrews’s business partner and co-founder of Digital Worth Academy. Sara is a digital marketing expert trainer. Her methods of training the students are excellent and she leaves no stone uncovered with her tutorials.

What Is Digital Worth Academy About | Honest Review From A Real Member

Beginner students will find Sara’s methods of teaching a breath of fresh air.

Digital Worth Academy focuses on 3 core elements.

Picking a niche. They go against the grain with this part and instruct students to pick a big niche as opposed to a smaller lower competition niche.

They explain that picking a big niche but finding low competition profit center keywords in those bigger niches ensures that you will never run out of content ideas or products to promote.

A suite of proprietary software is included in the DWA membership to find these keywords and product opportunities.

This is where the magic comes into play and why DWA is the price it is.

The second core element of Digital Worth Academy is starting from a small WordPress blog with no content and transforming it into a large authority blog over time following the coaching.

The last core element is using clean and highly effective SEO (search engine optimization) strategies and systems which creates a snowball effect in traffic.

The main goal at Digital Worth Academy is to build digital asset web properties form earning $0 per month to $10,000 per month in revenue.

A rule of thumb to follow when selling your digital asset (blog) is normally 30 x what your monthly revenue is.  so if your blog is making $10k per month you can potentially sell it for $300k

See the screenshot below taken from Flippa…

What Is Digital Worth Academy About

If you follow the training you can make a full-time income from the platform, but it’s not a shortcut to getting rich overnight.  The Digital Worth Academy method takes time, patience, and perseverance.

If you get bored quickly or do not have a strong enough ‘WHY’ to succeed, like quitting a job you hate or getting out of debt, etc then this method might not be for you as it will take a lot of effort before seeing tangible results. This can discourage some students, especially newbies quitting before they actually start making money.

You MUST trust in the Digital Worth Academy method. Just keep your head down, follow the training, and do the work. Be confident in knowing the work you do now will pay you for years to come once it’s ranked on google.

Beginners have the most trouble going through the DWA process due to the fact they do not have the experience to know that the methods being taught are high-level methods that works like gangbusters.

Blindly following a method and doing a lot of work without instant results can make people give it. PLEASE do not be one of those people. The riches await those who persevere and stay the course.

There are countless students making a full-time income following the Digital Worth Academy method and a lot of them started with zero online marketing or creating content experience.

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A Brief History

What Is Digital Worth Academy About | Honest Review From A Real Member

Sara and Andrew launched the Digital Worth Academy on August 23, 2018.

Sara is a mother of seven and has vast experience in the affiliate digital marketing industry. Andrew is an SEO expert and also a very talented tutor.

How Digital Worth Academy Works

Simply put, the Digital Worth Academy builds authority websites that learners use to earn money online. They start as small, high quality, and content-driven WordPress sites that generate income through advertising and affiliate marketing.

Over time, they grow into vast platforms that are an authority in their respective niches and earn up to thousands of dollars monthly.

The platform provides a ton of value to people interested in particular topics and recommends useful products. When others buy these products, the academy earns a commission.

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How Does Digital Worth Academy Differ from Other Affiliate Networks?

According to the founders, Sara Young and Andrew Hansen, the Digital Worth Academy is better than its competitors because it offers certainty.

There is no other platform that supplies the level of training and the proprietory software it provides. The software alone could sell for a lot more than the cost of membership. So it really is a fantastic deal.

When you start an online business, you have to wait to see if you will succeed. During this timeframe (especially for beginners), you are likely to become fearful, anxious, frustrated, and uncertain.

Putting in the level of effort required and not seeing results for a while can be really disconcerting.

Thankfully Sara and Andrew put you at ease as all this is normal in the beginning.

It took me personally 4 months to get my first sale but this is only because it takes time for your content to rank on google.

The sales then start to come more and more as traffic starts flowing. The more content you put up the more the snowball effect rolls.

The strategy works. The software is incredible and nothing elsewhere comes close.

Without the software actually finding the profit center keywords and also the actual products to promote the job of making consistent money would increase 10 fold.

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The Digital Worth Academy Course Overview

Here are the components of the Digital Worth Academy learning program.

1. The Course

The course is a comprehensive resource consisting of seven sections, over 30 modules, and more than 140 videos aimed at teaching you how to transform a startup blog into a profitable digital asset.

It is a systematic guide that is easy to understand, even to beginners. (The learning is interactive and you build your business as you go through the training)

The material has seven sections, each covering a unique aspect of long-term asset building. The first course is available to new members. The remaining six become available gradually as you progress through the program.

Here is an overview of the seven major sections of the Digital Worth Academy Course.

• Market, Niches, Angles, and Passions – help you identify the right path for your digital asset.

• Digital Asset Construction – this teaches the fundamentals of digital asset building.

• Your Site’s First Content – learn how to create targeted content that engages your target audience and earns you money.

• How to Grow Traffic and Authority with Outreach – teaches link building techniques and how to increase website traffic and brand awareness.

• How to Scale Content for Long-term Success teaches you how to publish high quality and relevant content consistently.

• High Impact Link Building and Promotion teaches advanced methods of making your site an authority in its niche.

• Your Site’s Future: Analyzing, Planning, and Strategy – these teach how to evaluate progress and manage our profits.

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2. The Coaching Program

What Is Digital Worth Academy About | Honest Review From A Real Member

The Coaching Calls program is an initiative that complements the Digital Worth Academy’s introductory course.

In these sessions, Sara and Andrew, the founders, and other successful former students (called coaches) share their knowledge with you.

The live sessions take students through the setup process, and they can interact with the coaches through webinars, instant messaging, support desk, and forums. Suppose you miss a session, you can get a replay the following day on the webinars page.

3. Software Tools

The software Tools has a suite containing three useful resources known as Commission Wizard, Diamond Key Miner Elite, and Anomaly Supplier.

Using these software resources, you can discover products that cost hundreds of dollars and has a high volume of searches but unpopular on other affiliate websites.

Besides, you can use them to locate keywords with a low cost-per-click but have enormous potential to drive more traffic to your website.

The following is an overview of each of the three resources.

• Commission Wizard v2.0 – this tool helps you find niches in highly competitive markets.

• Diamond Key Miner Plus Software – this tool searches for small openings in your niche where you can get traffic and more revenue quickly.

• Profit Calculator Software – this provides an easy way to see the monthly revenue generated by all niches in your market, so that you know if it is a worthy investment.

4. Community

The Digital Worth Academy supports and encourages social learning so that members help each other on their journey to success. For this reason, the platform has the following communities.

• Facebook – the Digital Worth Academy Facebook group allows you to interact with other members and exchange useful ideas.

• Groups – being an active member of a group can contribute to your success in the Digital Worth Academy. You can create a new group to join an existing one.

• Forums – each course has a dedicated platform and mastermind group where members can ask questions, offer a solution, and encourage others.

• Members Directory – this is a list of all students and their respective faculties. It allows you to see who is in, send messages, and request friendships. Although it is public by default, you can set your profile as private on the settings page. However, this is not recommendable because you will miss much.

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5. Outsource Staff

This feature gives access to individuals authorized by the academy to assist students worldwide. These staff can help you with content creation, keyword research, SEO, web design, and anything else relevant to the platform’s objective.

What Is Digital Worth Academy About | Honest Review From A Real Member

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Steps for Succeeding on the Digital Worth Academy

The Digital Worth Academy can show you ways to build an authority site that makes up to $10,000 monthly if you follow instructions.

It would be best if you implemented the processes alongside deploying their custom software tools.

Step 1: Select a ‘Big 8’ Market

Unlike other platforms that offer multiple markets for members to choose from, the academy only offers eight options that have proven profitable over the years. They have vast potential, such that you can start a niche business and develop into an authority site with time.

Another benefit of the ‘big eight’ is that their products and services move so fast that you can always find a low-competition niche to start with when beginning.

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Step 2: Find Profitable Products and Services to Sell

Once you identify a suitable niche, the next challenge involves choosing the products and services you will sell on your website.

Amazon has millions of products, and there are even more on other affiliate networks. How can you filter out the ones with the highest profit?

This is where the academy’s Custom Wizard Software tool comes in handy. When you run, it identifies products with high potential and high commissions that you can promote on your site and start warning in a few minutes.

Step 3: Confirm Traffic and Profit Potential Before Starting

Besides choosing the right niche and high potential products, it is also essential to confirm that there is a prospective audience for both. It is here that affiliates engage in keyword research, a tedious and time-consuming process.

Luckily, the Digital Worth Academy software suite has a special tooled the Diamond Key Miner.

Like the other resources in the suite, the Key Miner shows you high-potent keywords in your niche, the amount of traffic you can get, and how much income you can generate, all inside a few minutes.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Using Digital Worth Academy (or other Affiliate Networks)

What Is Digital Worth Academy About | Honest Review From A Real Member

You can do everything right, but if you commit any of the following mistakes, you reduce your chances of being a successful affiliate marketer.

Choosing the Wrong Market

Choosing the wrong market is perhaps the worst decision you can make as an aspiring affiliate marketer. This is because abandoning a topic halfway and restating is a waste of time and money.

Ideally, the topic you select should have the following qualities.

• It should have optimum competition – too many competitors make it risky for a beginner, while a lack of other players might show that the market is not profitable.

• It needs to be popular – it should be poplar such that it attracts an audience, but not to the extent that it increases the competition.

• It needs to have reasonably priced items – the products should be costly enough to give you substantial profits, but not too expensive to scare away customers.

More importantly, you need to pick a market that interests you. Regardless of the profit margins, it is challenging to succeed in an area you know nothing about.

For instance, you might realize the hemorrhoid creams niche is lucrative, only to discover that you cannot write content on the subject.

While picking a market is the most challenging step in affiliate marketing, there is no way to avoid it. Take your time to avoid wasting time and resources. More importantly, choose a topic that is familiar to you.

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Selecting the Wrong Products and Services to Promote

You can pick the right market, but fail because of selecting the wrong products and services to promote on your site.

Ideally, your affiliate products should have a reliable affiliate network, a high volume of searches, and a similarly high conversion rate.


When starting, it is essential to pick and stick to one method of traffic generation. Whether it is PPC or SEO, please choose what suits our needs better and persist with it until it gets you results.

People often have unrealistic expectations about traffic, causing them to give up on their current strategy, hoping that shifting to another will upturn their fortunes.

If you notice that your methods are not working, evaluate them, and implement ways to improve, instead of trying out new tactics.

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The Pros and Cons of Digital Worth Academy

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Digital Worth Academy affiliate network.


a) The training is fantastic and it gives an education that you real-life skills you can use to create wealth online.

b) If you are successful, you can earn a full-time income on this platform. Sometimes, you can make in a month what would take you years to accumulate in another job.

c) The arrangement of the training videos is nice and easy to navigate without getting overwhelmed.

d) The community support is excellent. You can ask questions and get solutions on Facebook, Groups, and Forums.

e) You can ask questions to the founders (Sara and Andrew) directly and get responses.

f) There are ten weeks of live webinars that explain how to set up your account and other useful topics. These webinars are also accessible for later viewing in the replays area.

G) Full access to proprietary software available only to DWA students (The secret sauce to your success)

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a) It seems expensive from the outset but the value provided far outweighs the price. (placed in the cons section as the price might put people off at first)

b) Besides the membership fee, you need to pay separate charges for domain and web hosting. You might also need to pay for a 1-month subscription to the recommended keyword research tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

i. Who is the Ideal Candidate for Digital Worthy Academy?

The Digital Worth Affiliate Program is ideal for people looking to build a profitable using a proven and systematic method. More importantly, they should be willing to invest time and effort to achieve these goals.

ii. Who is Not the Ideal Candidate?

The program is not people looking to get rich overnight.

iii. How Long Till I Start Earning?

Like other businesses, results depend on the time, money, and efforts you invest. Some start earning after six months, while others take over a year to make their first dollar. Although the specific time is not guaranteed, you are assured of making money if you follow the right steps.

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iv. Can You Access the Platform from Overseas Countries?

Yes, you can. None of the founders is from the United States. You can enroll in an American affiliate network and make money from anywhere worldwide.

v. What are the Expenses after Registration?

After registration, you have to pay $11 for a domain name, a $5 monthly subscription for web hosting, and a $37 monthly subscription to the recommended keyword research tool. Besides these, there are some optional investments that you can make to accelerate your progress.

vi. How Long Do I Have to Wait to See Results?

The more you work, the faster your progress. The recommended daily minimum is one hour.

vii. What if I Get Stuck When Learning?

The Digital Worth Academy support desk is always available to help members.

viii. How Long Will I Have Access to Learning Materials?

When you register, you purchase lifetime access to the Digital Worth Academy learning program. You will also get access to all updates made to the platform.

ix. Is Digital Worth Academy a Scam or Legit?

The Digital Worth Academy is not a fraud. It is ideal for both aspiring and experienced affiliate marketers ready to learn how to improve their online businesses. That said, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to invest money, time, and hard work if you want to succeed.

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What Is Digital Worth Academy About | Honest Review From A Real Member

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Affiliate Program

With many options to choose, it can be challenging to find the right affiliate program.

This section explores the top factors to consider when making this crucial decision. Read on to discover them.

1) Commission Rates

Since the primary objective for most affiliate marketers is to make money, it is essential to evaluate the commission rates before enrolling in a program.

Each network has its commission rates. The higher the percentage, the more you earn for every product or service you sell.

However, a high commission rate does not always guarantee increased profits. The platform you choose also has to have a high conversion rate.

For instance, an affiliate network with a commission rate of 12% and a conversion rate of 5% will earn you more than one with a 30% commission rate and a 0.9% conversion rate.

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2) Fees and Binding Agreements

Avoid programs that charge you a fixed monthly fee. Affiliate marketing should be performance-based, in that the network pays you when it delivers traffic and sales to your website.

If the affiliate network reps insist on upfront fees, it shows that they cannot guarantee you consistent web traffic to generate a sustainable profit.

Do not agree to a contract that has a binding period exceeding one month. Thirty days is usually enough to tell if an affiliate program can make you a decent income or not.

3) Target Audience

Your target audience must desire the affiliate program you choose to promote. The first step to do this is by understanding what defines your following.

Start by creating a customer profile that resembles the description of the person you want to sell to. If you have an existing client base, use this to determine who is buying your products.

Once you have determined your intended audience, research to know the affiliate programs they like. You can ask them through email, blog posts, or social media.

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4) Market Reputation

Another thing to consider before joining an affiliate program is its market reputation. Avoid networks that have too many positive or negative reviews. The same applies to platforms with zero reviews.

Besides, evaluate their website to see if it is genuine and secure. The site must be easy to navigate, and contact information should be verifiable.

5) Competitiveness

The market has several affiliate programs, each with its unique features. It is essential to compare all viable options and select the one the suits your needs.

Many affiliates are unaware that competitive pricing leads to increased conversion rates. It would be best if you avoided programs that offer non-competitive prices.

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6) Market Saturation

More people are venturing into affiliate marketing to add to their incomes. For this reason, some niches are overcrowded and have no space for newbies.

Unless you are introducing something unique, avoid such markets because you will waste time and money. Instead, research to discover untapped niches.

7) Method of Payment

You also need to consider the frequency of payments made by your desired affiliate program. Most options pay weekly or monthly. If you are in an urgent need of funds, go for an option that pays weekly.

Additionally, it would be best to look at the supported modes of payment, such as bank account deposits or PayPal. If the program does not support your preferred payment mode, look for another option.

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8) Transparency

Some affiliate programs do not explain their traffic sources and the publishers attached to your program. Avoid such because they are going to make your website penalized.

9) Cookie Life

Cookie life, also called the referral period, is the timeframe during which the advertiser compensates the affiliates for every referral.

For instance, if the cookie life is 12 hours and the customer buys after 15 hours, you will not get a commission.

10) Availability

Lastly, you need to consider the availability of your desired affiliate program. During the research, send random queries t multiple networks to see the ones that will respond promptly.

You do not want to join a platform that will take months to provide a solution whenever you experience challenges.

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What Is Digital Worth Academy About | Honest Review From A Real Member

Final Words

The Digital Worth Academy is a legitimate learning program that teaches people how to build digital assets that can be sold for a lot of money or used as long-term income-producing digital assets.

Its most impressive feature is its comprehensiveness. The topics are well covered, easy to navigate, and easy to understand. Sara has a wonderful manner about her and a very calming way of teaching all the steps in the course.

Once you have followed her step-by-step instructions on creating your blog you will then be trained on how to use the proprietary software which is only available to DWA students. This is when the magic and fun begins.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Digital Worth Academy to anyone serious about creating valuable digital assets online. The sky is the limit for anyone who really wants success. It’s not fast but more a slow and steady real actionable process to creating a full-time income working from home.

Moreover, it has a fantastic community. You can interact with others on the members’ directory, Groups, and Facebook. Interestingly, you can chat directly with the founders, Sara and Andrew.

Hopefully, I have amply answered ‘What Is Digital Worth Academy all About’  This has been a real Digital Worth Academy Honest review from a real member.

Please reach out to me by leaving a question or comment in the comments section below.

Thanks for stopping by clearskylearning.com

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