Top 25 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Marketing

With 7 years of digital marketing experience behind me and over $450k of online sales made from my websites, I feel confident in my abilities to teach newcomers the best ways to go about building a sustainable business via blogging and affiliate marketing. Below are 25 of the most commonly asked questions people new to affiliate marketing ask.

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Here’s My Top Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Marketing And Online Business.


#1. Can I do affiliate marketing without spending any money?


Yes, it’s possible. You can get direct links from affiliate programs and spam them all over social media. Will this work? NO!.  You might get a lucky sale now and then but for the most part, direct linking is never advised.

Top 25 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Marketing

Using affiliate links you get directly from the affiliate program will get you banned on most social media platforms.  Don’t worry though you can get started with a very small investment.

You will need your own domain name and you will need hosting.

A .com  domain will cost around $11 per year
Hosting will be around $60 to $150 per year

Having your own domain name and hosting enables you to install your free WordPress site on your hosting platform with your domain name.

You are now the owner of your own digital real estate. Having your own platform to write on means you have full control of everything you do.

There are free website builders that supply hosting like WIX and WEEBLY but as with anything, there are always hidden costs involved. Platforms such as Wix and Weebly have limitations also and do not rank as well as WordPress sites on Google.

But, if you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate all the services and tools you will ever require are provided. They are all included in your membership. You pay for the membership, which is not a lot at all but can access to many services and products you need along the way. Someone will take care of your content. Another one is responsible for security issues, etc. all these come with a small fee for your membership.

#2. How to Build Your Own Business Website?


Having a stunning website is extremely important for your business.  To run a website, three things must be taken into account first. These include web building software,  a hosting package for hosting your website, and registering a domain name.


The domain name is the address people know your site by. It’s the address you type into your browser to get to a website. is a domain name.

The hosting account is the bit that all of the website files, text, pictures, and scripts are stored in. Without these, your domain name is of no use.


If you are brand new without much technical knowhow then installing WordPress and configuring everything is a daunting task indeed. You can of course pay someone to do this for you but it can get pricey.

You have none of these hassles at Wealthy Affiliate as its all taken care of for you.  Check out the cool little web builder tool below supplied by Wealthy Affiliate. This will build your site framework in seconds.  This process if you are doing it alone with no knowledge of the process would take a while due to watching tutorials etc.

Go on and have a play around with it 🙂


#3. How Many Options Do I Have to Make Money Online?

Too many to mention in this post that’s for sure. Here is a list of the main ones though that I have used to good effect.

  • Use pay per click advertising (PPC)
  • Start Writing Reviews on Your Own Affiliate Blog (My personal favorite)
  • Leverage Email Marketing
  • Use Webinars to Promote Products
  • Dropshipping (eCommerce)

Writing review posts on your blog is by far the most popular. It’s free (no paid advertising) and if you do it in the right way can pay you in commissions for years. Leveraging email marketing is a close second and works well if you have the right offers and can write good emails (all taught inside Wealthy affiliate)

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is more advanced and you can lose a lot of money if you do not have a high converting offer.   Dropshipping is super powerful and I have had massive success with it over the years but is a whole other topic and not really related to Affiliate Marketing.

#4. What and How I’m going to Promote Products?


One thing you hear a lot from the mentors is that they keep saying some sentences. For example, they say you need to grow your business or you have to force your customers to buy more. It is a bit strange and impractical! Because most of the time, people have problems starting a business, let alone having customers.


Sometimes, it is very good to ask the right question. So, the right question is not what products you can promote. Instead, you should ask what types of affiliate marketing you are trying to participate in. If you have decided to go for affiliate marketing, you just need to promote the products/services. Therefore, you must just choose a reputable company or brand or advertise for them on your website.


You will get your commission when people buy the products/services from your website. To do this, you need to make sure that the company or brand that you are advertising for is capable of working under Affiliate Network circumstances. Physical and digital products are going to be sold on different affiliate programs such as Amazon or Clickbank.



The Most Well-Known Affiliate Networks

  • Rakuten
  • Peerfly
  • ShareASale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • VigLink
  • FlexOffers
  • JVZoo
  • Clickbank


What’s SEO All About and Why Everybody Is Talking About It?


First, let’s settle this. Basically, no one knows what text or content would be the best in the eyes of Google or other search engines. But as a matter of fact, SEO is extremely important for your business. Because this is one of the most straightforward ways to get visibility. There is no magic involved though. There are some simple rules for you to bear in mind.


The number of words in your texts, the number of headings, the subjects, their readability, etc. are all important. They are evaluated by an algorithm that is only known to its designer at Google. Then, Google decided to either like you or dislike you and whatever content you are advertising.


#5. Do I have to work every day on my website?


Sometimes, it is not important whether you are running a business online or managing a supermarket downtown. Both require constant dedication, right? Especially in the beginning people will pay attention more and are evaluating you. You need to be around and take care of everything. This is YOUR business, no one cares more than you, even those people you have hired to do the job.


When it comes to online marketing, consistency is super important. This is because your customer will take you as someone who is very organized and determined to expand his/her business. You should also think of writing very exciting content. It this way, your readers get your energy and embrace your dedication.


Then, they start trusting you. Especially, for the first three months, you must take care of your website like your baby. This is because Google has its eyes on you. The more active you become, the more reward Google dedicates you. All I said, requires cut your entertainment hours. You might need to ditch your friends to be more focused on your business. If you do that, you will get better and better gradually.


#6. Will I need to employ people?


This is one of the best things about online marketing. You don’t need to worry about hiring people and thinking about their salaries and insurances. Also, no special place is required. A small corner of your room at home is enough to start your business. However, at first, you might not be familiar with some topics. For example, you might not know how to generate popular content.


Or maybe, you try to increase your visibility but for some unknown reasons you fail. No worries, you can outsource all these tasks to other people. they are not your employee but will do your tasks in return for a reasonable amount of money. Then, you shake hands and say goodbye. You can find these people online very easily. Within the process of outsourcing your tasks to other people, you can learn the job yourself.


For example, it wouldn’t be so hard to understand what criteria you must take into account when it comes to writing content for your website. Very soon, you become the master and don’t need to ask other people.


#7. Quality Content. Is It Really King?


Writing good content is going to become a science. There are many things to consider for producing good content. The good news is that all techniques are out there on the Internet. They are easily learned if you practice them enough. These content are there to attract people and let them know you care about them and know about your business.


Let see discuss some of these tips and then you will see how easy they are to apply. First, it is always good to accompany your texts with nice pictures. However, don’t use heavy pictures since they slow down your site. Your users don’t have time for your pictures to be uploaded.


Also, linking to other websites is another way of getting visibilities. However, be vigilant! People would hate you when they are directed to a totally unrelated website from your website. Besides, although you should take care of search engines in your texts, don’t forget your first and most valuable asset is your users who are humans, not search engines. They will easily understand if you deliberately filling your websites to get a better rank.


Ask other famous websites to mention your website and direct their users to you by promising writing content about their website. Try to write unique material, especially ones coming from your experiences. Oh! And check this one, when you post content a people react to it, reply to them as fast as you can to show them you care about what they say or believe.


#8. Is There Any Short-Cut For Affiliate Marketing?


There is no easy way of basically anything. Everything you try to accomplish comes with lots of obstacles and difficulties. And guess what, Affiliate Marketing is not an exception! If you expect to start a business and get magically rich after three months, you need to get out of affiliate marketing right now. Otherwise, you will be hardly disappointed. This is most people do, coming with high expectations with no patience, and then, they start letting everyone else down by saying Oh! Affiliate marketing doesn’t work or it is just a scam, right? Don’t listen to them.


And, let me say something about human psychology. Naturally, if you don’t pay for something even it is extremely valuable for your future, you don’t take it seriously. However, by paying for a special course or learning software, you start paying attention and learning stuff because you don’t want to waste your money. It strange, but spending money is somehow a force to push you forward.


Wealthy Affiliate makes you start as fast as possible. It’s true! You have to pay for it but you will see this as an investment and consider it extremely important. Then, it comes to the process of self-learning.


#9. Should I Be a Tech Savvy or a Pro Web Designer to Get Success?


Yes, it is good for you to do it yourself. First, in this way, you will be pushed to learn new stuff, for example, working with WordPress which is critical when it comes to building a website. Second, no matter how much you try, sometimes, it is just impossible to convey your main message to the person who is running your website.


Thus, he/she wouldn’t be able to create content as you wish. But when you have the cone, everything will be produced, reviewed, and finally published by yourself. And, don’t worry! It is very easy to make a website these days, thanks to automated tools out there.


#10. What’s the Real Income Potential with Affiliate Marketing?


This question has a very broad answer. But, the short answer is that everything ups to you. As far as online marketing is concerned, there is a limitation on the amount of money you can make. The only potential limitations which can be easily removed are your imagination and effort. The more time you spend and the more determined you act, the more money you can make. I’m sure of it!


One reason that people start doubting the power of online marketing is that they believe with so many people currently working online, there is no room to grow anymore. But this is completely false! To illustrate my point, I would ask you to consider the following piece of information. Nearly half of the world population doesn’t have access to the interment! What does this mean? This means room to grow. It means you need to determine your target market and expand strategically. Then, you will see online marketing is far away from being saturating.


So, let me say that again, everything depends on your effort, motivations, and eagerness to get better and better every day. Every one of your moves matters! The Internet is full of tips and suggestions about how to get 100, 500, or even 1000 bucks even in a day. It is not a scam! It’s true. Show how committed you are to your goal by becoming someone informative and ambitious and then leave the rest in the hands of online algorithms.


#11. How to Choose the Proper Topic For My Website?


I want to be frank here. This is a wired question since no one has the answer but you. You are the only one on the planet who knows what would be the subject of his/her website. However, a good question might be this one how can I know what subjects are very popular with Internet users. Now you are talking! This is a brilliant question. Before choosing your niche, you should know the atmosphere out there. You ask how? Oh! There are many ways. for example, you can start to analyze hashtags. This is a very good way when it comes to choosing the subject of your website.


Also, there are very good third-party soft wares that analyze the internet for you and come up with the list of what people are looking for online or what is appealing to them. then you have this chance to walk in that path and hope to catch your target market. In this way, all your tasks will be directed to one or two-goal. For example, you can choose the subject of beauty and cosmetic products because it is one of the biggest online markets. Then you create appropriate content and sell related products. It usually works.


#12. How My Website(s) Start to Get Rank on Search Engines?


As we said earlier, there is no way to know what are the main algorithms that search engines like Google apply to rank your website. It might seem unfair, but this is Google that dictates what comes up first and what the second. Interestingly, Google keeps changing its algorithms to avoid a brand or company getting the upper hand! There are ups and downs, you know! But, by applying SEO disciplines you can be optimistic.


There are many ways, in which you can basically convince a search engine like Google that Hey! Look! I’m there! I’m updating my content consistently, please, rank me know. Tagging your titles with your target keywords, using Outbound Links. Dropping keyword in the first 100 words, posting long content, taking advantage of Internet linking, and putting your target keyword in the URL is some useful technique to basically roll Google in.


#13. How Much Time Should I Invest For My business?


First, you need to get a lot of information about the business you are going to start running. Thanks to the Internet, you can get knowledgeable very fast. However, there should be a starting point for you to initiate writing. The more you surf the net, the more questions you will face. So, knowing about your business must not prevent you from writing. With every essay you write, you will get experience. Make a balance between gathering information and spelling them out.


You have to spend time learning about how to write as much as you learn about producing content. You might be busy and don’t have enough time to do so. But, I have good news for you. You can do this from anywhere. You can listen to educational podcasts on the way to work. Or, you can listen to audiobooks available on the internet. In this way, you can learn whether you are in your car, at the gym, at the café, etc.


Thanks to smart gadgets, it is also possible for you to use voice commands and write whatever is in your head. No pen, no sheet, nothing is required. In addition, there are many good apps out there designed to correct the mistakes in your writing. So, you really don’t have any good excuse not to learn these things just because you are working somewhere else.


#14. What Do I Need To Get Started?


Whatever that helps you to connect to the internet and makes you able to write your content is fine. A computer with a fast internet connection will do the job. However, you might not like to constrain yourself in one place. thanks to other electric gadgets like laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. you can learn and produce content wherever you want. However, using your smartphone for such a task would be easy.


Also, your content needs pictures. This is very important to generate your own picture unless you don’t have time or money to do it. you might say what’s the catch? Well! I have one word for you! Uniqueness! Yes, producing your own pictures makes your website absolutely unique which leads to more users after a while. See, something as simple as using your own photos is very important. But, if you can’t, just use whatever available on the internet.


#15. What to Do When I Feel So Overwhelmed?


You have to do everything step-by-step. Otherwise, you get overwhelmed very fast. Then, frustrated and angry, you start putting more effort and finally end up having no time for your family and friends. Then, they get feed up with you and this vicious circle continues until you give up everything. That should not be happening, right? So, what the solution?


You should know how to eat your elephant; you know? I mean you should divide whatever you are doing into smaller parts and then focus one at the time. The first thing is to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s not that much hard, is it? Next, you must choose your niche. As soon as you have chosen your niche, you can go and buy a domain name, not very hard, I know. This is when it gets a bit difficult. In this stage, you should be starting producing content related to your selected niche.


But don’t worry! Educational content that you have received from online classes on Wealthy Affiliate supports you here to get busy as soon as possible. You write content related to the products of your niche. Then, people start visiting your website. Then it comes to the important process of optimizing your content according to the results you get. You also have this chance to ask for help right away and people from Wealthy Affiliate put you through. My final tip is a bit broad, but don’t be stressed and impatient. With support from Wealthy Affiliate and your friends and family, you can do anything. Just don’t be a pain in the ass.


#16. What are the most common mistakes I need to avoid?

  1. a) Not being patient and giving up soon! It is natural to be fed up by a new challenge in your life. But, my advice is not to look back. You should be cautious about your expectations too. Don’t expect to get the results after two or three months. I recommend you to buy the Premium membership and wait at least a year.
  2. b) Choosing a niche with zero or a few audiences. Not everybody wants you to be successful. So, don’t listen to random people. just because somebody says that niche or this one is great, it doesn’t make it so. Stand for yourself and conduct research and conclude yourself.
  3. c) Don’t invest enough time to set up your business properly. As we said before, don’t be impatient. I’m sure you can create very nice content by taking online classes at Wealthy Affiliate. So, don’t waste your money on hiring people to create content for you. When it’s original and clean, people will be attracted to it and you get your reward. Turn all those negativities around down.
  4. d) Thinking too short about real potential of online income. Online marketing is exceptional because everybody has the potential to thrive. So, if you have an idea, take it seriously and consult with a professional. Sometimes, you just need a push.
  5. e) Try to be perfect in everything! Let me put it this way. If you are a singer, you should be a singer, right? Don’t spend time on wearing too many makeups! You are a singer, not a model. So, don’t waste time decorating and designing your website. Nobody visits your website when the content is not good. Focus on the content!
  6. f) Jump into Social Media without proper research. You know this better than anybody! Spending too much time on social media platforms is toxic for you! It just kills your motivations and sinks you down in the fantasy world. Although we know this, we can’t stop ourselves. My experience says giving them up is extremely hard at first. But, after a while it becomes normal. So, don’t underestimate the power of adaptation! When you have a goal, you start adapting to a situation that makes you money.
  7. g) Doubting about your chosen niche every moment. You look at the amazon website and wonder how they got there, right? But, you are missing something here! They haven’t always been like this, you know. They have started from something really small. You might not know it! But many big websites have started when nobody knew them. Instead of focusing on what they are known, you should be more curious about how they got here. Their path must be important for you not their current position in the market. I know, it is hard not to get jealous of them and want to be them.
  8. h) Copy images from other websites. When you are running a business online, the last thing you want is when somebody violates your rights. So, don’t violate anybody’s rights in the first place and break the chain. For example, you definitely don’t want to use people’s pictures and images without permission. You might say it is just an image, who cares? But, it matters and shows your commitment to ethics.
  9. i) You’re not an organized person. Although online marketing is flexible in terms of time and place, you should get the wrong message from it. it doesn’t mean you don’t need to have a plan. It also doesn’t mean you can get focused as you wish. You have to have a plan, just like any other thing. It this way, you naturally take it more seriously and commit yourself to be more organized. Importantly, don’t you take up your free time for your online business, otherwise your family feels isolated more than ever.
  10. j) Stealing Content. Don’t consider Google like a fool man! He knows everything about you, right! It rewards you sometimes as much as punishes you when you do something he doesn’t like. For example, one of the worst thing you could do is to copy from other websites like amazon. Just watch out! You will be punished sooner or late. So, don’t copy, please! Be creative!
  11. k) Your posts are too short. Google gives you scores according to your contribution to your website. So, consistency is rule number one. Don’t post 5 long texts one day, and then nothing for the next two weeks! Google will see it through! Post very wisely so that Google embraces you as someone professional and organized. So, read about SEO disciplines.


#17. How Fast Before I Start To Make Money Online?


Ok! This is a tough one! It is not possible to find one answer to this question. This is because making money is naturally a dynamic process. It has a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes, you get money without expecting too much. However, there are times that no matter how much you try, there is no success in the end. Also, it depends on your niche too. Some niches are inherently more popular like fashion, cosmetics, etc. so, for these niches it may take not very long before you start making money. However, the more challenging your niche is, the more patient you need to be. For me, it took around three months after I joined Wealthy Affiliate.


There are, however, many dishonest people out there advertising how to get rich in a month! Don’t listen to any of them. just be consistent and don’t let negative ideas influence you. Instead of worrying about making money, focus on how to produce nice content, or how to ask influencers to collaborate with you. These question gradually leads you to where you wish to be now. My point is that you should focus on something that you can change, not things that are out of your control.


#18. What You Need to Know About Niche Marketing


Wikipedia has nicely defined niche marketing as the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. In another hand, you don’t like to sell everything in your hand, right? You must focus on a small section of the market and find your target audience. For example, cosmetics is one of the most popular segments of the market. So, for you, cosmetics become your niche. Then, you should try selling cosmetics as much as you can to your target audience.


The best thing about niche marketing is that it forces people no to jump around and focus on something meaningful. Once you pick up your niche, you know what you need to do. But without niche marketing, you try to sell everything to everyone. Clearly, it doesn’t work!


A niche is a sub-group of people. For example “Health and Wellbeing” is really an industry rather than a niche. “Weight Loss” is a subdivision of that, but is still regarded as an industry. However, not everyone who is looking to lose weight has the same needs. Everyone is different. So, by breaking this down we arrive at smaller sub-divisions that form “niches”. For example:

  • How to lose weight before a wedding
  • (ii) How to lose weight with no exercise
  • (iii) Ketogenic Weight Loss
  • (iv) Losing weight by swimming
  • (v) Weight Loss with Diabetes

Let me give you another example. The fashion industry is so huge. It has many subdivisions. Cosmetics, health, clothes, etc. your niche must be one of these subdivisions. Of course, you can focus on several similar and related niches and that’s fine. But be careful, sometimes it is better to do things on at the time. Maybe start with one niche and see how it moves forward and then think of adding other niches too.


#19. Driving Quality Site Traffic Is Important, And Here’s Why!


Of course, website traffic is very important. In fact, it influences your business in three different ways. First, the more traffic and visitors you have on your website, the brighter you become in the eye of Google. It means growth for your business. However, not all traffic is good traffic. Why? Who cares how many visitors you have when they don’t buy a thing? So, the quality of your traffic is as important as the quantity. Thirdly, when you could increase the quality and quantity of your traffic at the same time, your website conversion rate increase dramatically. This is when you can claim you are making money.


When you reach this level, you can speculate how much money you are going to make. For example, you might calculate that your conversion rate is 2%. What does this mean? This means that two out of 100 people who visit your site make a purchase on it. Accordingly, the more visitors you have, the more money you will make. The value of your commission is also playing an important role here.


You should start negotiating with companies or brands to increase your commission. In this way, you will get the energy to carry on. When they see the growth you are experiencing, they will definitely invest in you. So, keep your business balanced so that people trust it.


#20. Do I Need to be a Pro Sales Person or Marking Guru?


You don’t need to be an expert in sales and marketing. You know why? Because when you run your websites, many things are predetermined. You just need to follow whatever it has been shown. However, it would be embracing when you can’t convince your customers that you are a reliable person. I mean, you at least have to try to solve their problems. You can do this by replying to their comments and helping them if they are experiencing any difficulties with their shopping.


Knowing more about sales and marketing can increase your benefit indirectly. When you are knowledgeable enough, optimizing your website and the content in it wouldn’t be a big challenge for you. Accordingly, this optimization eventually leads to more visitors and even increasing your conversion rate. Then, your visitors become your permanent customers.


#21. What About Paying Taxes?


This is very important. Sometimes, everything is working great. Your online business is making a lot of money. However, when you neglect the laws, the results might be catastrophic for your business so that you have to sell everything you have in order to pay the fine. Every country has its own rules for paying taxes. When you are running a small website, it is not going to be a big deal. However, once you start making a huge amount of money, you have to let the government know everything with details. If you don’t do it, you are responsible for all the misery you are going to have in the near future. A tax audit is NOT fun at all. Trust me!


One way is to keep track of everything every accurately. You can go for traditional ways and taking notes from whatever financial issues you are dealing with. However, there are many good soft-wares like QuickBooks which makes it easier for you to handle your business. I recommend to hire someone and put them in charge of tax and all other financial things. More importantly, these are very sophisticated issues that must be reviewed by experts. Don’t forget to consult regularly with a good lawyer about this stuff.


#22. I’ve Picked the Wrong Niche, Now What?


If you have started a business and you don’t like your niche, you don’t need to worry about anything. This is because it is completely possible for you to change your niche. However, don’t make any rash decisions.  If you genuinely dislike the niche you have chosen then it would make sense to start over.

Depending on how much work you have done on the niche website you dislike then it might be beneficial to keep that site going and hire writers to supply the content for you. This will free you up to start a brand new site in the niche you want. If you feel that having two websites will be too much work you can find another sub-niche similar to the niche you dislike which might suit you better.  You can make some tweaks to your current site to suit you new angle.

Just know you should never be stuck.. Here I go again recommending Wealthy Affiliate :-)  – You will always get off on the right foot here as you can ask the community or private message the moderators and run your niche ideas by them. You will get brutally honest replies within seconds. It’s awesome. There is always someone at Wealthy Affiliate who has made the mistakes and now makes great money online and willing to help you.

This kind of feedback is priceless in the beginning and you will get unbiased no ulterior motive answers which actually HELP YOU!

#23. How many times do I need to write posts on my website?


How much money do you want to make?  The more blog posts you write the more digital content you have out there in internet land. If you blog every day for a year that’s 365 different opportunities to make money. That’s 365 potential first page of google posts you have, all getting traffic (If you follow Wealthy Affiliate training of course) Post once per week.. well, you do the math.

Quality does beat quantity but why not have quantity and quality?  Write (or have written) quality blog posts with a minimum of 700 words, preferably 1000+, and if you do this even 3 or 4 times per week you will have a flourishing authority blog with awesome content in a few short months. Give it 6 months and you will see lots of first-Google page rankings and this is where the fun really begins.


#24. I’m Stuck, Is There Any Place Which Can Help Me with My Business?

A massive YES. Wealthy Affiliate has a built-in university with all the tools and community helps you will EVER need. It free to join,

If you click here, you can become a successful Affiliate Marketer and blogger faster than you ever could alone. Hey, it’s free to join so why not 🙂

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#25.  Do I Need To Know How To Build A Website?

Absolutely not the tools inside Wealthy Affiliate Build It For you. You will add personal touches but it’s all covered in the training.  Go create a website using the Wealthy Affiliate Website Builder Below.   Play about with it, it’s fun 🙂

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Final Word

I hope you enjoyed my Top 25 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Marketing post today.  If you have any more questions you would like me to cover please leave them in the comments section below.

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