How To Start A Blog About Personal Development | With Full Niche Analysis

How To Start A Blog About Personal Development | With Full Niche Analysis

Do you have a passion for self-improvement and personal development?  Would you love to start blogging about Personal Development but have no idea how or where to get started?

Don’t worry. We were all in the same shoes at one time in our online careers.  You have made the most important first step by starting your research and landing on my website.  My names Martin and I’m a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer and I just love teaching people just like you on how to get off to the best possible start.

How To Start A Blog About Personal Development With Full Niche Analysis

Creating a blog about your passion, hobby or Interest is easy. If you have a real interest in the niche you want to write about then the whole process is made 100 times easier. You will be required to write a lot of content over your blogging career and if you have a real interest in the subject then writing about it, researching it never gets boring.

A LOT of bloggers pick a niche only because the niche research they have done indicates its a profitable niche and one that could potentially make them a lot of money. While this approach works well, the trouble arises when you have no interest in the subject and you start to procrastinate over writing content or researching new ideas for fresh content.

If you do not have a natural steely determination to just get the job done regardless of if you enjoy writing about the subject or not then most likely you will quit before seeing any real results.

It takes time to gain momentum when writing blog posts as google will take its time to rank your content. Your content needs to be good and with very good keyword research done to have even the slightest chance of hitting that coveted 1st page on google, but more on this later.

Ok enough rattling on. let’s get down to business and dive into your burning question on ‘how to start a blog about personal development’

How To Start A Blog About [any passion or interest] and in your case Personal Development is pretty much the same process.

As a side note… Just in case you are more worried about the technical aspect of actually creating the Blog, designing it, and all that stuff I want to put your mind at ease right now.  This is the easiest part. Yes even for someone with ZERO technical knowhow.

The platform I use is the Wealthy Affiliate University. Wealthy Affiliate is an online Community and Learning Platform which supplies all the tools to actually build your blog, host it and all the bells and buzzers you will ever need to have a kick-ass looking blog in no time at all.  You will be guided every step of the way. Oh, and using it is Free. Yup, that’s right, FREE. There is a premium version but it’s NOT required.  Set up your account and profile HERE – no credit card required.

Watch the short video tutorial below where I show you how super simple it is to have your brand new blog up and running using a free Wealthy Affiliate Account. No credit card needed just 15 minutes of your time to create your blog and get familiar with the wealthy affiliate back office.  Then jump back here and finish reading the info below.

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How To Start A Blog About Personal Development

First off you need to do your research.  As you already have (I hope) a passion or strong interest in the Personal Development niche, the research part will be fun.  I will make this process very easy for you as I have personally done over 3 hours of research for this post and I’ll lay it all out below.

Hopefully, this makes life a bit easier for you.

Please bookmark this post for future use as the customer avatar research below will come in very handy if you are ever creating paid ads on Google, Facebook, or Bing. You might think that you’ll not be doing paid advertising but you’ll be wrong. As soon as you have an article or post that’s doing well with organic traffic and it’s generating revenue then it will make perfect sense to run paid traffic to a page you know converts well.

Personal Development is a very broad niche with lots of big fish dominating the space… You will most definitely want to target and write about a sub-niche inside the personal development niche.

Here are a few sub-niche ideas within the self-improvement personal development niche


Relationship advice

  • Personal


  • The philosophy of happiness
    The practicality of happiness
    The pursuit of happiness
    How to be happier
    How to sustain happiness


  • Should you be successful?
    How can I be successful?


    • How to sustain it
      How to have it when you don’t know where to start
      Motivational quotes and articles

Using Low Competition Keywords

There are many, many more sub-niches inside the Personal Development Niche, those are just a few I found by searching on google and all can be targeted with low competition keywords which you can rank on the first page of google with without much hassle.

If you are brand new to all this and I’m using phrases you do not really understand such as ‘low competition keywords’  then do not worry about it.  Once you create your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account you get full access to the world-class Keyword research tool JAAXY as part of your free account and will get the training on how to use it to find a goldmine of low competition keywords you can choose then write content around.

Using The JAAXY  Tool To Find Low Competition Keywords

Look at my example below:

I typed in the JAAXY search bar from within my Wealthy Affiliate Account – ‘How to sustain happiness’ which was one of the sub-niche titles in my list above.

See the screenshot below on the results.

The training you will get inside Wealthy Affiliate will teach you to only target keywords that have the following Criteria:

Have a monthly average search volume of above 40
Have a QSR below 100  (QSR is simply the number of other websites online targeting that exact keyword phrase – anything under 100 is good)

The 3 keyword phrases I have placed an arrow at are perfect to write content around and you will give yourself the best possible chance to hit the first page of Google if you follow the training and write engaging content around low competition keyword phrases like that.

You might be wondering why the heck we would target keywords with such low searches per month. The answer is simple.

When you are just starting out getting on the first page of google for a high volume Keyword is impossible. Your content will never get seen by anyone. But target these lower searched terms and you will land on page one for a lot of them.  Google will reward you big time and over time you will start ranking for the higher volume terms.

It’s better to rank on the first page of google with one post and get 30 visitors per month than land on page 2 or worse and get zero visitors. It’s simple math and the strategy works very, very well.

Are you getting this yet? Its all to do with your keyword research. Do this part right and you are halfway there. As long as your content is good and you are picking interesting topics to write about that actually solves a problem or answers a question your reader is researching then you are doing a good job.

making money from your blog is obviously going to be on your mind. I am specifically avoiding talking about this in this post as it’s all expertly covered in the Wealthy Affiliate University. You need to build your blog first and get good content on there so you can start the whole process of Google indexing your site and moving your articles up the ranks.

Monetizing your website will then become your primary focus.

Below I am going to lay out my research notes on different targeting options you have inside the Personal Development Niche.

Please save this post as this information will be very useful the more experienced you become.

You can use this information if you ever create Facebook ads, google ads etc.

There are a lot of excellent resources you can use to research fresh content for your Personal Development Blog.

Social Influencers In The Personal Development Niche

Social Influencers have the finger on the pulse of their niches and more times than not social influencers are naturally charismatic people who have a very large following in their specific niche.  Below is a list of some of these social influencers. Check them out and see what kinds of posts they are posting, what kind of engagement they get. Check out their websites and see their content.

This type of research is invaluable if you are just starting out.  Never try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing. Find out what works and put your spin and ideas on it and you have a recipe for massive susses.

Personal Development Social Influencer Links
YouTube Channels:
(826 subscribers)
(10,540 subscribers)
(503,154 subscribers)

Knowing your audience is a very important skill to learn. Doing some research will put you ahead of 99% of your fellow bloggers in your niche as most will never do any research and will write content and promote products that they think their readers will like.

This is the wrong way to do things.  Researching what they buy and where they hang out, what shops they shop in, what social media pages they like is all readily available online.

Below is some of this information I gathered while researching the Personal Development Niche

Your Perfect Customer/Readers Avatar

(Taken from Facebook analytics)

The people who are most likely to be passionate about self-improvement and personal development are:

Men and Women, ages between 25 and 54.
Single parents who live in some of the most rural parts of the country.
They rank high for working women and most are homeowners with high equity to home values. These “Boomer”-age singles are all homeowners who work in mainly white-collar professional, administrative and managerial jobs. Their education and income place them about average in the middle class.

Celebrities Your Perfect Customer/Reader Would Potentially Follow

 Bob Proctor
 Brendon Burchard
 Brian Tracy
 Dale Carnegie
 Eric Thomas
 Jack Canfield
 Jim Rohn
 John C. Maxwell
 Les Brown (speaker)
 Napoleon Hill
 Stephen Covey
 Tony Robbins
 Zig Ziglar

Shows & Magazines the might subscribe to

 Collective Evolution
 InspireMore
 The Mind Unleashed

Where They Shop

 Buddha Groove
 Buddha Jewelry Organics
 Sivana

Other Related Audiences To Target (Less Refined)

Personal development, Self-help, Self Improvement, Self Development, Personal and Spiritual Growth, Self-confidence, Self Motivation, Daily Inspiration and Motivation, Positive Energy+, LIVING POSITIVE, Positive Thoughts, Think Positive, Soul Inspiring, “Positive Attitude”, How To Think Positive, Live, Believe, Inspire., Power of Positivity, Positive Thinkers., Living Happy, Action for Happiness, Be Inspired, Positive Life Tips, Happiness In Your Life, Be Optimistic, Life is Positive, Beyond Positive Thinking, Think positive, be positive… :), Motivational Speaker, Positive Attitude Quotes, Daily Inspirational Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Quotes, Wisdom Quotes, Motivational Words, Daily Motivation, Motivational Thoughts, Living a Happy Life, Awesome Quotes, Best Quotes, Best Quotes Ever, I Love Quotes, Quotes for You, Daily Quotes, Amazing Quotes, Quotes/Sayings, Sayings and Quotes, Inspiration Quotes, Best Love Quotes, Love Sayings, Love Quotes –, Romantic Quotes.

Reach of Mined Audience: 17,000,000

Final Thoughts

Ok, hope I’ve not just overwhelmed you 🙂

I’m not trying to honestly.

The info I have just given you gives you such a head start in your niche.  If you go ahead and join Wealthy Affiliate and just give it your all I promise you you will be seeing amazing results in only a few short month’s time.

Be consistent
Do the training
Follow the plan.

Don’t be in the 98% who fail to build a successful online business. Come join the 2% club who do make it online. You deserve it.

Grab your free Wealthy Affiliate Account HERE.

Check out the Owner of Wealthy Affiliate ‘Kyle’ giving a fantastic walkthrough and explanation video of what you can expect when you join WA:

Watch HERE: 

Any comments or questions?  Leave them below or hit me up inside Wealthy Affiliate.

To your success.

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10 thoughts on “How To Start A Blog About Personal Development | With Full Niche Analysis”

  1. Hi, Martin! 

    Is self help one of your passions? Either way, thank you for all of the information that you have gathered on the topic of personal development. What do you think the best way to use the profile?e of people that are most likely to be interested in this topic is? Would a Facebook ad campaign targeting these people be best?  One more question, how often should you publish new content to a newly created blog?

    I hope to hear from you soon! 




    • Hey Ally.

      Personal Development has been a massive focus of mine for the past 7 years. I am creating a full section on it on my blog and have lots of great content planned for it.

      With regards to the way on how to use the niche analysis:  There are many ways it can come in handy but the first main one is understanding your perfect customer/subscriber/reader

      If you know for certain what your perfect site visitor likes to read/watch then you can create engaging content they will love.

      A happy reader becomes a returning reader who shares your posts and maybe even buys from your affiliate links over time. 

      There is nothing more powerful than gaining a loyal following. Knowing your perfect customer makes this process that whole lot easier

      If you are creating paid ads then this info is awesome. You know exactly who to target.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  2. The personal development niche is a great niche that has a huge potential. I am new in blogging and this article really helped me to understand some things. I’ve heard of Jaaxy before, but I honestly didn’t believe in its results. The low-competition keywords are really great and easy to rank for. Continue with great work 🙂
    All the best,

    • Hey Dusan.

      Thanks for your great comment. It’s appreciated.  Yes JAAXY is awesome and very easy to use. It makes a big difference on how successful you are going to be.

  3. This is a very informative article about how to create a blog about personal development. And your tips are very good: you did a niche analysis, suggested how to start and how to include influencers in the same field in the marketing strategy of a newbie, to use Jaaxy as a keyword research tool and Wealthy Affiliate as a good platform to start an online business. Very good info! Thanks for sharing with the online community: I think that many will find your content extremely useful!

  4. Excellent post on blogging. Personal development is quite a broad niche. I like that you then narrowed it down to some sub niches which one can choose. I would love to write about motivation, how to sustain yourself in any situation. I am with you on Wealthy Affiliate. If you start a blog following the training at Wealthy Affiliate you are destined for success. The training is good and the community is very helpful and supportive. The Wealthy Affiliate community will motivate you to build a successful blog. Thank you  for this post.   

    • Hey Energy.

      Thanks for your comment and you are more than welcome 🙂 Yes Wealthy Affiliate is simply awesome. I would go as far as to say its a MUST HAVE membership every digital marketer should have. 

      Hopefully, my niche research helps some people on getting started. Making the initial niche choice and how to go about creating a content strategy can overwhelm some people and cause inaction due to overthinking this part.

      I am going to be doing a weekly niche analysis on different topics so I can help many more aspiring bloggers. 🙂

  5. Personal Development is one of my favorite topics to talk about. I really wish that this was taught in our school systems as a mandatory class to take each year in high school and each semester in college.

    Bob Proctor was my first “digital mentor” and he is still one of my favorite people to learn from. He has a wealth of knowledge and it truly an amazing person. I’ve grown so much by just listening to his powerful words of wisdom. 

    Instead of making this too long, I agree and some of my favorite people on your list are Brian Tracy, Dale Carnegie, Eric Thomas, Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, Les Brown, Napoleon Hill (one of my all time favorites) Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar.

    You definitely know your stuff and anyone that reads this comment, you are in the right place to grow and learn. “Each one, teach one”.

    • Hi Gregg.

      Thanks for your awesome comment.  I cut my teeth on the You were born rich seminars. Used to listen to them over and over, working my JOB back in the day. Really framed my mind for success. My all-time fav for sure 🙂


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