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Pinterest is a wonderful platform to use if you are a blogger. If you do things in the right way and pin often and consistently it can culminate into an avalanche of traffic over time.  Most blog owners I know don’t use Pinterest in the right way and think the traffic generated is not buyer traffic or targeted traffic. This assumption is very wrong. Most likely these same people are not being consistent with their Pinterest strategy or worse have no Pinterest strategy whatsoever.

If you have landed on my blog looking for Pinterest Tutorial or in particular how to make a pin for Pinterest using Canva then great. I have a full video tutorial waiting for you below.

I will be doing lots of these tutorials going forward and will focus on teaching different Pinterest tasks in each video tutorial.

Today’s Pinterest Tutorial is on how to create a pin for Pinterest using

Watch my Pinterest Tutorial Below


Creating a Pin for Pinterest using Canva is a really simple process once you get used to the Canva controls. If you have never used canva before then I’m sure you will find my tutorial really helpful.

I have been a long time canva pro user and actually prefer it to using photoshop purely for its ease of use.  Sure photoshop is more in-depth and has a million different functions compared to Canva but for things like creating Pinterest Pins, Instagram photos, etc I always use canva.

In my tutorial, I show how to make Pins and make them fast and in bulk. Pinning to Pinterest is not as simple as sticking one or two pins on there per week and hoping for a slam dunk of making sales and getting traffic.

You can get ultra streamlined if you make a Pinterest pinning strategy and also using an automated tool to post multiple times per day at the best possible times for you to get the most amount of views on your pins.

More views = more exposure = more clicks to your website which in turn will mean sales if you have a good converting offer and content on the page you are sending your Pinterest visitors to.

Follow my Pinterest Pin Tutorial above and you will be starting off on the best possible footing.

Pinterest Pinning Strategy

Most of the fellow bloggers I have networked with over the past few years do not utilize Pinterest in the way it should be utilized, they would rather focus on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, they will post to Pinterest also but it’s dome half-hearted and with little to no consistency or strategy.

If you see my tutorial about 1 minute in I show you just how powerful consistent pinning, following a set strategy can be. One of my Pinterest Accounts gets up to 120,000 views per month. Yes, you read right. 120,000 sets of eyeballs seeing my pins on Pinterest. This translates into a lot of traffic for my websites and we make consistent sales using this traffic.

I want to teach this strategy which I will do via short Pinterest tutorials over the coming weeks and months so make sure you bookmark this website and come back to this Pinterest Tutorials section regularly.

My secret Pinning Strategy Tool

“This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.”

My secret tool is not so secret, you have probably already heard of it or maybe even use it. It’s called Tailwind. Tailwind is a bulk scheduling auto-posting app for windows or mac. Its the ONLY software that is 100% Pinterest compliant. Pinterest fully endorses the use of Tailwind so you can use it freely (as long as you do not abuse it) to schedule a whole month of Pins if you want.

I go into this in my ‘How To Make a Pin For Pinterest Using Canva’ tutorial above.  If you are interested in using this awesome tool you can get it HERE.

Schedule 100 pins for Free

Tailwind Visual Marketing SuiteTailwind is like having your own personal virtual assistant working for you 24/7 365 days per week who never gets sick or takes a vacation.  You get to schedule your first 100 pins for free when you create your trial account. It’s a fantastic way to get a feel for things and get your Pinterest account onto a flier with your first 100 pins scheduled for free. 🙂

If you go to minute 20 on my Pinterest Tutorial video above you will see me navigate and use Tailwind to quickly schedule the ten Pinterest Pins I just made using canva. It’s super simple and makes my whole Pinterest Pinning Strategy a breeze. I can literally schedule up to 50 pins a day in about an hours worth of work. Not just any old pins but fully SEO optimized eye-catching pins which will lead to views traffic and ultimately sales over time.

To sum up

Ok, so today I have created a full Pinterest Tutorial On How To Make a Pin For Pinterest Using Canva in the right way which will get you plenty of free traffic to your websites, blogs, landing pages, or whatever platform you use to promote your products or services.

Thanks for stopping by.  Any questions please drop them in the comments box below. I will get right back to you.

Have a topic you would like me to do an in-depth tutorial on? Drop your request in the comments box below. If I have knowledge or experience on the subject I would be happy too.

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