How To Start a Website About Cross Training With Full Niche Analysis

Do you have a passion for fitness and in particular Cross-Training?  Creating a blog and writing about your passion is the easiest way to build a real business online which can potentially earn you amazing money.

If you do things the right way and follow the right guidance then making money from your passion is a real possibility.  I have done it and many of my colleagues have also done it.

I was a carpenter for over 20 years and had no clue about making money from the internet.  If my hand was not forced to make some life changes I would probably still be slugging away doing a job I hated.

If you are interested in reading my story you can hop over and read it HERE.

Fast forward 7 years and I’m now a full-time digital marketer with a lot of success (and failures) behind me.  I now teach others how to go about creating a reliable income working online and hopefully avoiding the pitfalls I fell into along the way.

Niche research is one of my specialties so today I’m going to give you some guidance on How To Start a Website About Cross Training And Make Money.  Just to note this can be applied to any niche, not just Cross Training.

I will deep dive into the Cross-Training niche and give you loads of info to give you a solid understanding of what your potential audience is consuming online. Brands they buy from, websites they visit, magazines they love etc..

How To Start a Website About Cross Training And Make Money

Starting a Website/Blog In The Cross-Training Niche

How To Start A Blog about any subject is easy (once you learn how) Creating the actual blog, making a logo, adding privacy pages, about me page and all the SEO plugins, etc to make your WordPress Blog run fast and run without any issues takes a lot of time if you are inexperienced.

If you are a beginner there are lots of tutorials online on how to actually set this up, but most just give you some tidbits of info then try and sucker you into buying their course.

If you need help with setting up your blog in the right way from the getgo then I suggest you use Wealthy Affiliate. It’s what I use and all my fellow bloggers use.  Wealthy Affiliate is the secret tool that keeps us ahead of all the competition.

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Setting up your Blog is all done automatically inside Wealthy Affiliate and all the plugins etc are pre-loaded so you have a super-fast compliant WordPress Blog. There is full step by step training on how to do everything.  All the business tools you will ever need are supplied too. No more subscriptions to other services. You do not need them.

You can actually create your website using the wealthy affiliate free site builder tool below.

Go on have a play around with it.

There are two levels at WealthyAffiliate. Free and Premium, no upsells of any kind. Premium is only $49 per month and free is free for life.  Many people stay at the free level and do well.  If you sign up for the free level then you get access to all premium features for 7 days (then it reverts back to limited features, which are still pretty awesome) No CC required.

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Ok so hopefully you went ahead and created your free or premium Wealthy Affiliate account above. This is a very important part of the puzzle and will set you up for ultimate success with your brand new Cross-Training blog.

Let’s dive into the Cross-Training Niche

I have done around 3 hours of research into the Cross-Training niche and have found some really great info that will give you a great insight into your perfect customer’s avatar.  Knowing (not guessing) what your customer likes to read, watch or buy online puts you miles ahead of the other bloggers in the Cross-Training niche because most never do this kind of research.

Most other bloggers will write about or promote products that they personally like or think their readers will like. This is wrong!

You need to try and walk in their shoes first and build up that perfect avatar.

Full Breakdown Of My Niche Analysis In The Cross-Training Niche

Your Perfect Customers/Subscribers Avatar

Who Would Buy|Who Would Subscribe to your newsletter

 The audience is most likely men between 18 to 34 years old.
 Single and married people.
 Work in mainly white-collar professional, administrative and managerial jobs.
 Educated people.

Celebrities The Would Follow

 Bob Harper
 Chris Powell
 Dana Linn Bailey
 Denise Austin
 Jeanette Jenkins
 Jessie Pavelka
 Jillian Michaels
 Lou Ferrigno
 Shaun T
 Tony Horton

Brands They Know Love and Buy

Shops, tools/accessories, websites
 Adidas
 Arc Trainer
 Asics
 Dickies
 Inov-8
 Life Fitness
 New Balance
 Nike+
 Puma
 Reebok
 Sneakers
 Titan
 Under Armour

Shows & Magazines They Watch & Subscribe To

 Barbell Shrugged
 BoxLife Magazine
 Breaking Muscle
 CrossFit
 Flex Magazine
 Men’s Health
 Muscle & Fitness
 Outside Magazine
 The Box Magazine

Blogs & Websites They Visit

 American Council on Exercise
 Box Basics
 CrossFit
 Gym Jones
 Jeanette Jenkins – The Hollywood Trainer
 The Cross Trainer
 WOD Nation

Where They Shop

 Dick’s Sporting Goods
 EBay
 Elite Fitness
 Hatlex
 Road Runner Sports
 Tesco
 WOD SuperStore

Other Related Audiences (Less Refined)
The Vitamin Shoppe, Eat To Perform, Pure Strength, HYLETE, LiveScore, 321Apparel, Life AsRx, Reebok Training, Catalyst Athletics, Critical Bench, fitmark, The CrossFit Games, Christmas Abbott, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Annie Thorisdottir, Rogue Fitness, Labrada Nutrition Lean Body for Her, ore Power, Premier Protein, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), PurePharma,, Jim Stoppani, Jessie Hilgenberg IFBB Pro, C.T. Fletcher, Testosterone Nation, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Kali Muscle, American College of Sports Medicine, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race Training, Rich Piana, Obstacle racing, Mike Rashid, Kai Greene, MusclePharm, FLEX BODYBUILDING MAGAZINE, Quest Nutrition, Personal Trainer Development Center, IDEA Health and Fitness Association, 6 Pack Fitness, Muscle and Performance Magazine, Cellucor, Official Muscular Development Magazine, Ronnie Coleman, AFPA American Fitness Professionals & Associates, MuscleTech, Optimum Nutrition, BSN, FitnessRXforMen, National
Personal Training Institute, Dexter Jackson (bodybuilder)

Reach of Mined Facebook Audience: 8,900,000

Cross-Training Social Influencers To Follow

Facebook Pages: (232,133 Likes) (172,673 Likes) (486,842 Likes) (165,939 Likes) (233,134 Likes) (1,156,083 Likes)

YouTube Channels: (3,728,882 subscribers) (923,589 subscribers) (82,232 subscribers) (1,277,792 subscribers) (2,476,645 subscribers)

The above list is a great start for you to go like and subscribe to.  Check out the posts they do and what kinds of posts get the most interaction. Click through to their websites and check out their blog posts and use the JAAXY keyword tool inside Wealthy Affiliate to find out what kind of traffic their blogs are generating and what posts have the highest views. JAXXY is free to use with Wealthy Affiliate which was the main reason I joined way back then… It’s awesome and you will love it!

Take notes, bookmark the highest engagement posts. You now know what your niche audience likes, what gets social media likes and shares.  You can now write your own content in your own style knowing what has the best chance of entertaining your own audience.

By following the Wealthy Affiliate training you will learn how to write awesome blog posts using keywords that will actually get you ranked on the first page of google over time.

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Cross-Training Niche Final Thoughts

If you have taken my advice and joined Wealthy Affiliate (message me on the platform my username is hoganeye) you will be plugged into a community, tools, and training platform with over 1.4 million members. The community is incredible and you get help at any time of the day 24/7.  There are thousands of people on there at any one time and all are willing to help you.

This is your real secret to success on How To Start a Website About Cross Training and actually make job quitting income.  Follow my niche research and go crush it online with your brand new Cross-Training Website.

Just dive into the training at Wealthy Affiliate and success will be yours in only a few short months. If you have zero experience and feeling doubtful about your abilities to pull this off then give yourself a shake, get set up inside wealthyaffiliate, reach out to me, and get this journey started.

If an ex carpenter (me) who flunked high school can do this anyone can 🙂

You can read my story HERE

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave any questions or requests in the comments section below.

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