How To Start A Blog For Free And Earn Money Online in 2020

How To Start A Blog For Free And Earn Money Online in 2020 and beyond is today’s subject of choice.  If you love the idea of working from home in a self-employed capacity, with no rules or regulations, without an alarm waking you up in the morning and coming and going as you please, then join the club as this is probably up there in the top ten most dreamed for lifestyles 🙂

Sadly, only around 5% of online marketers actually make this dream a reality.  25% make some money but struggle and never actually make enough money to quit their jobs and the remaining 70% give up well before even coming close to making any money.

Why is this you might ask?

The answer is simple enough but multi-faceted…

1: People fail because they have no system or proven training to follow
2: People fail because they do not have a mentor with their best interests at heart
3: People fail because they lose money before seeing results and get scared away
4: People fail because they are flying solo and are not plugged into a group of fellow entrepreneurs who support each other.
5: People fail because of all the above scenarios which can cause shiny object syndrome draining their bank accounts and causing overwhelm.

Any one of the above scenarios can cause failure online.

The Internet Marketing & Affiliate Marketing industry is a pool with hungry sharks looming just waiting on newbies to take the proverbial chunk out of. Proverbial meaning a chunk of cash from their wallets. Scammers are everywhere and you need guidance when you first start out. But more on this later.

Ok with that out the way lets get into How To Start A Blog For Free And Earn Money Online in 2020 and Beyond while avoiding all the aforementioned pitfalls and having the very best chance of seeing real success online!

How to create a website/blog for free

I’m guessing you know that (or even if you don’t) creating a WordPress blog is in fact FREE, but that’s really where the FREE part ends. You need to pay for hosting domain names etc and that’s just to get started.

There are all kinds of things you will be paying for as you build out your blog/website such as fancy themes plugins, autoresponder, etc.

But you don’t want to hear that right? My title would be very misleading otherwise.

There is a way to create your blog and get the hosting etc 100% free…

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate You Might Ask?

How To Start A Blog For Free And Earn Money Online In 2020

If you don’t yet know, Wealthy Affiliate is an online digital marketing business building platform that has everything you need under one roof to create, grow, and manage your business online.  There are over 1 million members (yes you read right) and 99% will report it’s an awesome platform and community.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive platform that is very unique in its structure.  You will not find anything else online which supplies all tools, hosting, training, website builder, community support, technical support.

Why Being at Wealthy Affiliate Makes Total Sense!

Wealthy Affiliate has been made for the sole purpose of being an all in one platform to let total beginners (and experienced marketers) have the means to build their website, have it hosted, have all the bells and buzzers, and have access to a thriving community and training 100% FREE OF CHARGE.  There is an advanced paid level which is only $49 per month but not required to see your initial online success.

What’s the catch?  NO CATCH AT ALL!

No matter your background or technical knowhow you can use the WA platform to build a very successful website and online business.

Put it this way if you can follow simple instructions you can build a successful online business inside Wealthy Affiliate ?

The list below is some of the most common things people LOVE about Wealthy Affiliate

  • Getting Started Training (100% SIMPLIFIED TRAINING!)
  • Video training, Tutorial training, Classroom Training, and Courses
  • Hundreds of 1000’s of HELPFUL community members
  • 13+ Full, Interactive Classrooms
  • Live & Interactive Help (even at 3 am in the morning!)
  • One FREE, Beautifully Designed Website
  • State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting
  • Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires
  • A strict spam-free environment.
  • Completely FREE to Get Started! (with no catches)

The last in the list is the Biggie!  You get EVERYTHING in the list for FREE, no cost, no catch, no credit card required. There is no other program or platform online that offers this much or anywhere near it for free with no catch.

You will LOVE YOUR EXPERIENCE At WA. That is a guarantee! If you don’t feel free to come here and leave a negative comment ?

I have just answered the question: How To Start A Blog For Free And Earn Money Online. Wealthy Affiliate ticks EVERY BOX and more..

To get started now all you have to do is create your FREE Account HERE  (No Credit Card Required On The Free Level EVER!)

BTW, just in case you are skeptical and think this is too good to be true and there must be a catch, and there’s some hidden way to get money from you please STOP right there.  There is seriously NO CATCH… None, Nada, Zilch.

100% Transparency guaranteed.

There is a paid level but that’s is if you want loads of websites hosted on Wealthy Affiliate and some more advanced features.

Free is awesome and you’ll love it.  You will take the premium membership later when it makes sense to do so.

Want To Read My Full Wealthy Affiliate Review?How To Start A Blog For Free And Earn Money Online In 2020

You Can Do So HERE

(In my review I go into fine details on the owners, whet you can expect, what’s expected of you, projected possible earnings, and lots lots more..)

Just want to get going with your FREE Wealthy Affiliate account?

No probs, You can do that HERE

Feel you are ready for premium straight off the bat?

No probs, get going HERE

If you do go ahead and create an account please reach out to me on the Wealthy Affiliate platform as I’ll be your Wealthy Affiliate Personal Coach. I’ll send you a message after you join too. My username is hoganeye

Check Out Wealthy Affiliate Free Website Builder Tool

Have a play around with it, have some fun…

Final words

So you clicked on my article presumably because you are looking at How To Start A Blog For Free And Earn Money Online.

Have I answered this question thoroughly enough for you?

If I have left you with more questions than answers (hopefully not) then please let me know in the comments section below. Any comments are very welcome even if you have had a negative experience with Wealthy Affiliate.

While the reviews about Wealthy Affiliate are overwhelmingly positive there are also people who might have had a bad experience, such is life..

So all comments, questions, suggestions welcome, good or bad. I personally read and answer them all.

I’ll sign off with this..

If you are serious about changing your life circumstances and want to embark on a digital marketing/affiliate marketing/blogging career then I wholeheartedly give Wealthy Affiliate a big thumbs up. Its PERFECT for all levels and costs nothing to get a successful website making money in as quick a time as possible.

This is what you are looking for right? A FREE Way to get going online.

Go on a create your FREE Wealthy Affiliate Account HERE.

Thanks for stopping by clearskylearning.


16 thoughts on “How To Start A Blog For Free And Earn Money Online in 2020”

  1. Hey Martin, thanks for using this platform to share your helpful insight, i really appreciate it. I can vouch for how beneficial WealthyAffiliate can be. Their training, breaks down everything step by step on how you can make your site, the community is there for you and helps you at the expense of nothing. This is a program that i would highly recommend. Thanks again!

    • Hey Sevian. Thanks for taking the time out to read and comment on my post, I appreciate it.  Always good to connect with a fellow WA’er  🙂
      I totally agree. I have 7 years of experience behind me and I have never before felt some comfortable inviting people I know to join Wealthy Affiliate. There is no risk and the potential rewards are very exciting indeed.

      Cheers for your input  👍👍

  2. Hi Martin, your website looks lovely and has some amazing stuff to read. I especially loved your article about blogging and owning your own website. It sounds like such a wonderful idea, except who will do all the technical stuff for me? I am not at all computer savvy and I wonder if my newbie heart can take all the stress!

    Thanks all the same for a great article. Let me read up some more about all this. I am sure I want to start a blog, but I am not sure where and how?



    • Hi Aparna.  Thank you for your awesome comment about my site 🙂  I get these questions every other day from people just like yourself who would like to start making a side income or even a full-time income online but have no idea how to go about it. They doubt that they could ever do what’s required to set up a website and all the other technical challenges that go with it.

      I never tell anyone it’s going to be a walk in the park as there is always a learning curve involved. That’s why joining a platform such as Wealthy Affiliate is so important.  You asked, “who will do all the technical stuff for me?”

      Well, there are tools that do all the tech stuff inside wealthy affiliate, and actually making the structure of your website, hosting it, adding all the relative plugins and SEO stuff to make it function well, and rank well on Google is all done automatically with the click of a button.

      Then you go through step by step training on how to personalize your blog to suit you.  

      Basically, you are taken by the hand and guided along the path – no matter if you have zero tech skills whatsoever. The training is tailored to suit all skill levels from absolute zero right up to very experienced.

      Hope this helps and I hope to see you on the inside. You can most definitely do this 🙂

      Here the Free Account link again. Click HERE.

  3. Thanks a lot for the information that you shared here about how to start a blog for free and earn money online, blogging is one of the most Lucrative business online and it is very interesting to do, this guide that you have here will be very helpful to newbies looking into starting their own blogs. Thanks for sharing)


    • HI JBryce,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, hopefully, this helps some people get on the right path to making money online and steer clear of all the scammers that blight this wonderful industry.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic platform to build a real sustainable business online and has changed my life so much. I highly recommend it to all at every opportunity I get 🙂

  4. I never thought that I would be able to make money online the way you have explained it. It seems like something that I would love to try. Many of the different ways that people have put up usually turn out to be pyramid schemes or just a total scam but this one looks very real and I would be very happy to give it a shot.

    • Hi Jackie.

      Thanks for your comment. Sadly I fell for an MLM pyramid type scheme when I first got started. I was very green and never knew any better.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and a fantastic place t start your online journey safe in the knowledge you are not being scammed and are in fact mixing with real honest people who just want to improve their and their family’s lives while helping other inside WA do the same.

      I hope to see you on the inside and you will be made very welcome 🙂

      Remember to reach out to me once you join. 

  5. Thank you for sharing this here. Honestly, I like what has been analyzed here and it makes sense seeing what you have shared. It can only get better with time if we start our blog today. The tips that you shared here on getting started are awesome to see and I would not mind continuing this. Thank you so much for sharing, will defo be taking your advice and acting on it. Have a great day 🙂

    • You are most welcome Darmi.. Thanks for commenting and I am very happy to help. Any more questions about joining WealthyAffiliateor starting online marketing in general then please fire away. Happy to help 🙂

  6. Hey Martin, I’m really I glad I came across this amazing article , I would say it came at the perfect timing because for quite some time now , I have been looking for a  way to start a blog for free and earn money online , I really enjoyed reading this great article, it’s very informative and also helpful, it was really thoughtful of  you to share this informative article. I will really recommend this to anyone that is interested also.

    • Hi Jack,

      Thanks for your comment and I’m pleased you find the info useful. Any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or marketing in general please ask as I’m happy to help.

      Hope to see you on the inside soon.  Go crush it mate 🙂

  7. Hello Martin, 

    Starting an online business is awesome but most people do not understand the basics of it but want to make money from it. However, with platforms like wealthy affiliate to teach you you’ll need need to start your online blog, it really gives you an advantage. I really have been learning a lot about the business and I’m glad to be here.  Love this post and I think it will really help others get on the right path.  Thanks.

    • Thanks Lawson.  You hit the nail on the head. Most people do NOT understand how affiliate marketing really works.  You must follow the right training to have even a chance of success. 

      Wealthy Affiliate has everything under one roof to help anyone willing to follow the training and do the work to become very successful.

  8. Hi,

    From my research starting a blog for free is tasking because is not a day work, there are training and materials to read or go through before you can start a blog, earn money online from a legit platform hard working with the mind of not a get rich quick, if not you will be scam.

    Thank you.


    • Hey Aluko..

      Thanks for the comment.  Yes, you are right, anything that mentions making money right away with minimal work is always a scam.

      If it seems to good to be true it usually is.  Joining Wealthy Affiliate is not a quick ticket to riches but it is most definitely, the best way to reach the goal of financial and time freedom.. After doing a lot of work of course 🙂


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