How to Start a Blog about Meditation With Full Niche Analysis

Are you a meditation guru? Do you want to share your knowledge with the world and make money? Starting a blog is an excellent way of putting yourself out there and driving traffic. However, the problem is that the internet has too much information, such that you end up getting overwhelmed. Who do you listen to? Where do you start?

Well, these are the challenges that every aspiring new blogger experiences. You might be passionate about a topic, say mediation, but lack ideas on how to start.

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That said, it is relatively simple to create a blog covering your favorite niche. This is because blogging involves writing a lot of content, and you can never get bored writing about your hobbies or interests.

A common mistake made by newbie bloggers is choosing a niche because of its profitability. Although this makes sense from a business perspective, the problems come when you can’t find content or lack the motivation to research new ideas. Eventually, you end up quitting, having wasted time and resources without generating any decent income.

One of the most significant concerns when starting a blog is the technical aspect – this involves its design, the user interface, web hosting, and other related stuff. This can seem challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with web development. Fortunately, tools like Wealthy Affiliate are here to help.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that trains you to start and monetize a blog. Even better, it gives all the resources needed to create and develop a blog until it becomes a force in its niche. It also a community of over 1.4 million members who are always ready to help you achieve your goals.

How to Start a Blog about Mediation using Wealthy Affiliate

Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate (Free or Premium) puts you in a whole different league and will set you up for long term success.
I have also compiled around 3 hours of deep research on the Meditation niche and it’s yours to use.

This will be a fantastic reference for you going forward and puts you ahead of your competition from the getgo as most bloggers never do this kind of niche research before starting.

Wealthy Affiliate uses a freemium membership model. This means that registration is free, but you have to upgrade to the paid plan to access all features. Nonetheless, the Starter account still has tools and resources that are useful to a beginner. (The paid level is only $49 pm, but not required to get started)

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Let’s Dive Into The Meditation Niche Analysis

Mediation is a broad subject with a lot of content. However, most of its main aspects are already covered in the leading bogs. Since your objective is to drive traffic to your site, you need to target low-competition topics.

The following are some of the niche ideas you need to explore when starting a meditation blog.

Meditation sub-niche Ideas

• How do you start meditating?

• What do you focus on when meditating?

• What is the best time to meditate?

• Is meditation useful?


• What are the different types of mediation?

• What is the best technique for beginners?

• What equipment do I need for meditation?


• What is mindfulness mediation?

• What are the benefits of mindfulness?


• How often should I meditate?

• How do I start a meditation group?

Doing Keyword Research The Right Way

The topics mentioned above are only but a few of the ideas you can use to create for your mediation blog. Most of them are suggestions from Google, based on what people search about mediation. If you want to rank on the first page without hassle, you need to integrate low-competition keywords in your content.

For a beginner, identifying such keywords might be challenging. This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in handy, as it has a top-notch keyword research tool called JAAXY that helps you find competitive keywords and improve your blog’s rank on search engine results pages.

How to Use JAAXY for Keyword Research

Using JAAXY is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is key in a search term. It will return several keyword suggestions, search volume, average traffic generated, and competitiveness.

In their training, Wealthy Affiliate recommends picking the keyword phrases that have average search volume exceeding 40 and a QSR below 100. QSR stands for Quoted Search Results, the number of websites using a particular keyword. This indicates the keyword’s competitiveness.

The quickest way to rank as a newbie is by basing your content on keywords with a low search volume, but it shouldn’t go below 40. This is because high volume keywords have too much completion for you to get noticed. Over time, you will build authority with Google and start ranking for high volume keywords.

Social Influencers in the Meditation Niche

Besides keyword research and posting high-quality content, you also need to reach out to social influencers to increase your blog’s popularity. Below is a list of popular influencers in the mediation niche who can help drive more traffic to your website.

Top Meditation Facebook Pages (1,951,831 Likes) (1,850,454 Likes) (1,486,402 Likes)

Top Meditation YouTube Channels (584,265 subscribers) (299,311 subscribers) (26,392 subscribers)

Target Audience For Meditation

Knowing your target audience is essential if you want to succeed in blogging. This information helps you create content that drives more traffic to your site. Moreover, it would help if you researched other behaviors like the products they buy, the shops they visit, where they hang out, and the social media pages they follow.

According to Facebook Analytics, the ideal audience for a mediation blog are women aged between 35 and 64, and men aged between 25 and 54. With an average age of 41, these individuals are mostly single or childless and do white-collar jobs.

Celebrities that Your Ideal Audience Like

Here is a list of eminent people that are likely to appeal to your target audience.

• Deepak Chopra

• Eckhart Toole

• Louise Hay

Brands That They Like

• Hay House

• The Master Shift

• The Soulful Woman

• Trust Your Journey

Shows & Magazines They Might Subscribe To

• Mother Earth News

• Psychology Today

• Yoga Journal

Websites They Like Visiting

• Buddha Groove

• Guided meditation

• Meditation Foundation

• Meditation Portal

• Tiny Buddha

Where They Shop

• Amy’s Kitchen

• Earthbound Farm

• Rockin’ Wellness Inc.

Other Related Audiences in Meditation

(Less Refined)

Guided meditation, Transcendental Meditation for Women, Buddhist meditation, Chopra Center Meditation, Meditation Foundation, Dhammakaya meditation, Christian meditation,, Transcendental Meditation technique, Meditation Music, Music for Deep Meditation, Meditation Portal, Just For Today Meditations, Music for Zen Meditation, Music for Meditation and Healing, Active Meditation Music, Meditation Buddha, Insight Meditation Center, Insight Meditation Society, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Yoga India, Wildmind Buddhist Meditation, Research on meditation, Buddha and the Dharma, Buddhist studies, Buddhist prayer beads, Ohm Beads, Buddha Jewelry Organics, Lovepray jewelry, Satya Jewelry, Blooming Lotus Jewelry, Energy Muse Jewelry, Custom Mala Shop, Buddha Groove, Mala Collective,, Tiny Devotions, Tiny Buddha, Sivana, Buddha’s Dharma, Namaste ॐ Om, Young Buddhist Association, Buddhist Publication Society, Buddhist Society, Enlightenment in Buddhism, Buddhist philosophy, Buddhist texts, Buddhist art, Buddhist Geeks, Buddha’s Light International Association, Nalanda Buddhist Society.

Final Words

Meditation Is a hot niche and I have no doubt you can totally crush this niche using my niche research and following the Wealthy Affiliate training.  The info in this post will give you a great idea of what your perfect audience looks like. Just write to your strengths targetting low competition keywords and you will have a fantastic blogging future ahead.

Go ahead and get started with Wealthy Affiliate today.

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