How To Start A Blog About Back Pain With Full Niche Research

Are you currently researching how to start a blog about back pain?  Back pain is a very hot topic and there are millions of searches for remedies on google every day from people suffering from back pain.

If this topic is something you would like to base a blog on and write content on then awesome, as today I am doing a deep dive into this niche and will give you top tips for starting a blog in the back pain niche

Knowing you’re perfect reader/customers avatar in any niche, not just the back pain niche is crucially important. Doing deep research into your chosen niche will put you ahead of the competition every time.

Most (unsuccessful) bloggers only ever write content which they think their readers will enjoy. They promote products to these same readers and wonder why no-one is buying from them.

This is the wrong way to go about things.  You must understand your customer/reader. You must find out what kind of media they are consuming online, posts they like, videos they share etc.

So today back pain is the niche topic I will be covering. I think you will find it incredibly helpful.

But one thing before we proceed…

Do you have your Website/Blog already set up ready to start posting content on it?  If not, are you comfortable doing this alone?

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Ok back to business

Researching the back pain niche took me around 3 hours and I have some really cool stats and resources you can use to build out your Backpain Blog.

Chronic back pain Stats

Back problems are among patients’ most frequent complaints to their doctors. Nearly 65 million Americans report a recent episode of back pain. Some 16 million adults — 8 percent of all adults — experience persistent or chronic back pain, and as a result are limited in certain everyday activities. Back pain is the sixth most costly condition in the United States. Health care costs and indirect costs due to back pain are over $12 billion per year.(1) Adults with back pain are more likely to use health care services than adults without back pain. Many of the indirect costs of the condition are related to missed days of work and disability payments.This Profile uses the term “adults with back pain” to describe adults who experience persistent or chronic back pain that limits their everyday activities. Taken from:

The information I have researched below has all been done via Facebook analytics and the info is freely available to anyone. I have extensive knowledge with Facebook ads and this info has been compiled on the Facebook ads platform.

The Perfect Online Avatar Of Someone Who Suffers From Back Related pain

People who are most likely to suffer from back pain:

 Both men and women ages 18 to 65+ years old.
 65% of women and 35% of men. 30% of women ages 65+ years old. 22% of men ages 45 to 54 years old.
 Upper-middle-class couples who are homeowners and often drive minivans.
 65% are married for both genders.
 Most of them work are in administrative and management positions.

Social Influencers They Will Follow

Facebook Pages:
YouTube Channels:
(76,393 subscribers)
(1,714,994 subscribers)
(173,546 subscribers)

Where They Shop

 Bed Bath & Beyond
 Wayfair
 Costco
 Macy’s
 HomeGoods
 Forty winks
 Living Spaces
 Walmart
 Slumberland Furniture
 Crate & Barrel

Blogs & Websites They Visit

 The Good Old Days
 National Health Service
 WebMD
 Mayo Clinic
 National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases
 Spine-health
 MedicineNet
 Bupa
 Everyday Health
 HealthLine

Shows & Magazines they subscribe to

 Dusty Old Thing
 Fitness (magazine)
 Women’s Health (magazine)
 Health (magazine)
 Healthy Living Magazine
 Organic Spa Magazine
 Shape (magazine)
 Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine
 Prevention (magazine)
 Men’s Health (magazine)
 Fantastic Man (magazine)

Brands they like

Shops, tools/accessories, websites
 Serta (company)
 Ortho Mattress
 Sealy Corporation
 Simmons Bedding Company
 Tempur-Pedic

Celebrities the like and follow

 John E. Sarno
 Medical Medium
 Dr. Joseph Mercola
 Dr. Josh Axe
 Amy Myers MD
 Andrew Weil, M.D
 Terry Wahls
 David Perlmutter M.D

Other Related Audiences (Less Refined)

Back pain, Low back pain, Chronic pain, Sciatica and Back, Spine-health, Cure Back Pain Network, spine care pain management, Sciatic nerve, Lumbar spinal stenosis, Spinal stenosis, BackCare,
Intervertebral disc, Lumbar vertebrae, Spondylolisthesis, Cervical vertebrae, Nutrition, Weight loss (Fitness And wellness), Chiropractor, Health & Wellness, Fitness and wellness, Lumbar, Physical exercise, Vertebral column, Obesity awareness, Lumbar puncture, Radiculopathy, Failed back syndrome, Laser Spine Institute, Gyms, Radicular pain, Weight training, Physical fitness,
Bodybuilding, Cervical spinal nerve 8 and Pain relief.

Reach of Mined Facebook Audience: 126,000,000


All this info was gathered from Facebook analytics and is like gold dust in the right hands. Use this info wisely.

If it’s not yet apparent how to actually use this info in the best way then it will become very apparent once you go through your Wealthy Affiliate Training. This info can be used in so many different ways that you will have lots of lightbulb moments going off inside your mind as you go through your training.

Last but not least:

Some Affiliate Programs You Can Promote On Your Website/Blog

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I always make myself available to help so please reach out 🙂

Final thoughts

The above information is going to help you on your way to creating fantastic content that helps your readers with their back pain issues and makes them become loyal subscribers to your blog.  Hopefully, I have helped answer your question on How To Start A Blog About Back pain. I wish you all the success in the world.

Thanks again for stopping by any comments or requests please leave them in the comments section below

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