How To Start A Blog About Animation [With Full Niche Research]

Do you have a passion for Animation? With many different types of Animation and with literally millions of google searches per month from people looking for products, answers, tutorials etc all related to the Animation niche it just might be an awesome niche to start blogging about.How To Start A Blog About Animation With Full Niche Research

Knowing your perfect customer/reader/subscriber before you start creating content is a must. Niche research is my speciality and I just love digging into the information on any niche. If you know how to do Niche Research properly you can build an amazing customer avatar and write content your readers will think is awesome.

Only a small percentage of bloggers actually create a decent income from their digital real estates. This small percentage do something most do not. They fully research their chosen niches ‘BEFORE’ they even think about writing content or promoting products.

Unsuccessful content marketers/bloggers pick a niche and start writing content and promoting products that they ‘think’ their readers will like.

This is the wrong way to go about things.

Throwing s*** at the wall hoping it sticks is for amateurs. 

You must try and walk in your customer’s shoes, really understand their likes and dislikes. You must find out what kind of media they are consuming online, products they are buying, posts they like, videos they share etc.

So today Animation is the niche topic I will be covering. You are going to find this information incredibly useful when you go to start writing content on your blog.

Before we proceed…

Creating a Blog is one thing. Being successful at it is another. I wish it were as simple as writing a few posts per week and waiting on the money rolling in, but it takes a lot more than that. Following a content strategy, monetizing your blog in the right way, finding the right low competition keywords. Do all or any of these wrong and you could be wasting your time.

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Ok back to business

I spent around 3 hours researching the Animation niche. It’s a big niche with many different sub-niches, 3D animation, 2D, Vector and so on so obvuiously I cannot cover everything so Im going a bit broad with my research but you will still get a great insight into what your potential readers are consuming online.

The information below will get you off to a good start.

The information I have for you has been gathered using Facebook analytics. This info is freely available to anyone. I have extensive knowledge with Facebook ads and the info I will be providing you has been compiled using the Facebook advertising platform.

So let’s dive in..

Your Perfect Reader/Customers Online Avatar

The Demographic Of People Who Would Buy (In the USA)

 Men and women alike. Age between 18 and 45.
 Young couples who are well educated and enjoy upper-middle
range incomes. They are almost all homeowners in upscale suburban neighbourhoods.
 Young college students who lives with parents. Mix of mobile renters, and first-time homeowners, living in condos and single-family houses.
 Middle income, this group tends to live in smaller cities around the country.

Celebrities They Like

 Walt Disney
 Don Bluth
 Tim Burton
 Ub Iwerks
 Friz Freleng
 Chuck Jones
 Hayao Miyazaki
 Dr. Seuss
 William Hanna
 Matt Groening
 Isao Takahata
 Makoto Shinkai
 John Lasseter
 Joseph Barbera
 Walter Lantz
 Hanna-Barbera
 Richard Williams (animator)
 Robert McKimson
 Henry Selick
 Mel Blanc
 Stephen Hillenburg
 Frank Thomas
 Chris Buck
 Tex Avery
 Bob Clampett
 Stephen Leather
 Hideaki Anno
 Satoshi Kon
 Mamoru Hosod

Brands They Love

Shops, tools/accessories, websites

 Behance
 DeviantArt
 HOW Design
 Co.Design
 ArtStation
 CGSociety
 DesignModo
 Walt Disney
 FontShop
 ImagineFX
 The Walt Disney Company
 Concept Art World
 Flickr
 Picasa
 Character Design,
 CG Master Academy
 Concept Design Academy
 Webdesigner Depot
 CGchannel
 Speed painting
 Photobucket
 Shutterfly
 Visual Effects Society
 The Gnomon Workshop

Shows & Magazines They Watch And Subscribe T0

 Pixar
 DreamWorks Animation
 Finding Nemo
 Walt Disney
 Despicable Me
 Toy Story 3
 Inside Out (2015 film)
 Walt Disney Pictures
 Kung Fu Panda 2
 How to Train Your Dragon (film)
 Despicable Me 2
 Minions (film)
 How to Train Your Dragon 2
 Monsters, Inc.
 Zootopia
 A Bug’s Life
 The Incredibles
 Frozen (2013 film)
 Sony Pictures Animation
 Walt Disney Animation Studios
 Sony Pictures Entertainment
 Warner Bros., Paramount
 Animation Magazine

Blogs & Websites They Visit

 Walt Disney Pictures
 Sony Pictures Entertainment
 Funimation
 Warner Bros.,
 Manga, Universal Studios
 Viz Media
 Pixar
 Right Stuf Inc.
 DreamWorks Animation
 Sentai Filmworks
 Awwwards
 Designtaxi
 Field of study: Animation
 Co.Design
 HOW Design
 FontShop
 DesignModo
 Webdesigner Depot
 Behance
 Animator

Where They Shop

 Right Stuf Inc.
 Behance
 Flickr
 EBay
 AliExpress
 Tokyopop
 Japan Fashion Online Shop
 “Otaku Japan”
 Co.Design
 Online shopping
 DesignModo
 Webdesigner Depot
 HOW Design

Other Related Audiences (Less Refined)

Audiences: Computer animation, Animator, Traditional animation, Character animation, 3D ANIMATION &  DESIGN, 3 D Modeling and Animation, Graphic design, Animated movies, Illustration, Adult animation, DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures Animation, Toei Animation, Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Animation Studios, DreamWorks, Walt Disney World, Disney Junior, Disney Channel, Marvel Entertainment, Disneyland, Marvel Comics or Marvel Studios

Field of study: Computer Graphics & Animation, Animation & Visual Effects, Animation/Illustration, 3D Animation & VFX, Animation, 3-D Animation or 2D/3D Animation Employers: Pokémon, Animation, Marvel Entertainment, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Disney, Animator, Autodesk 3ds Max, Marvel Studios, LucasArts, Lucasfilm, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, Marvel, Nintendo or Warner Bros.

Job title: Character Animator, VFX Artist, Character Artist, Animation director, Visual Effects Artist, 2D Animator, Animation Artist, 3D Artist/Animator, CG Artist, Animation or Animator

Reach of Mined  FacebookAudience: 56,000,000

Social Influencers To Follow

Facebook Pages:
YouTube Channels:
(1,273,587 subscribers)
(2,445,726 subscribers)
(2,159,283 subscribers)

That’s enough for now….

This might seem like a lot of information, but now you have it and if you save this post then you can check back for ideas when you’re maybe looking for some content ideas.  We all get writer’s block now and then and creating lots of fresh content after a while can get difficult.

One way this information can be used is to go look up some of the social influencers in the list. See what content of theirs gets the most likes and shares. then you can go create content in a similar way, in your own words and style of course:-)

You can create killer Facebook ads using the audiences if you want to promote some of your posts..

If it’s not yet apparent how to actually use this info in the best way then it will become very apparent once you go through your Wealthy Affiliate Training. This info can be used in so many different ways that you will have lots of lightbulb moments going off inside your mind as you go through your training.

Last but not least:

Monetizing Your Blog

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I always make myself available to help so please reach out 🙂

Final thoughts

The above information is going to help you on your way to creating fantastic content your readers will LOVE.  Hopefully, I have helped answer your question on How To Start A Blog About Animation.  If I have left you with more questions than answers then do not sweat it. One step at a time. Just reach out to me on Wealthy Affiliate and I’ll help you all the way.

I wish you all the success in the world.

Thanks again for stopping by any comments or requests please leave them in the comments section below


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