How To Start A Blog About Acoustic Guitar [With Full Niche Research]

Are you currently researching how to start a blog about Acoustic Guitar?  The Guitar niche is a very hot topic and there are millions of monthly searches from people looking for information on it. You might want to teach Acoustic Guitar via your blog, you might want to sell Guitars via your blog. Whatever it might just know it’s a viable niche that can do very well indeed.

Knowing your perfect customer/reader/subscriber before you start creating content is a must. Niche research is my speciality and I just love digging into the information on any niche. If you know how to do Niche Research properly you can build an amazing customer avatar and write content you know your readers will love.

So today I am doing a deep dive into the Acoustic Guitar Niche which will give you some awesome information that will get you off to a flying start.

Doing deep research into your chosen niche will put you ahead of the competition every time.

Most unsuccessful bloggers have no idea what to blog about and only ever write content which they think their readers will enjoy. They promote products to these same readers, products they hope they will like and wonder why no-one is buying from them.

This is the wrong way to go about things.  You must understand your customer/reader. You must find out what kind of media they are consuming online, posts they like, videos they share etc.

So today Acoustic Guitar is the niche topic I will be covering. I think you will find it incredibly helpful.


But one thing before we proceed…

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Ok back to business

Researching the Acoustic Guitar niche took me around 2.5 hours and I have some really cool stats and resources you can use to build out your Acoustic Guitar Blog.

The information I have researched below has all been done via Google & Facebook analytics. This info is freely available to anyone who knows how to access it.

Information Collected About The Acoustic Guitar Niche

Who Is Most Likely To Buy Acoustic Guitar Related Products

72% are men between the ages of 25 and 54, single or married with kids of all ages.
28% are Woman between the ages of 25 and 54, single or married with kids of all ages

Places They Shop

  • Guitar Center
    Emerald City Guitars
    Dave’s Guitar Shop
    Wild West Guitars
    Sam Ash Music Stores
    American Musical Supply
    Sam Ash Direct
    ProGuitar Shop Collective
    Sam Ash
    The Music Zoo
    Willie’s American Guitars
    Willcutt Guitars
    Third Eye Guitars

Blogs & Websites they visit


Shows & Magazines they watch or subscribe too.

  • Acoustic Guitar (magazine)
    Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine
    Acoustic (magazine)
    Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

Brands They will love

  • Shops, tools/accessories, websites
    Yamaha Acoustic Guitars
    Fender Acoustic Guitars
    Takamine Guitars
    Taylor Guitars
    Dean Guitars
    C. F. Martin & Company
    Breedlove Guitars
    George Lowden Guitars

Celebrities they will follow

  • Tommy Emmanuel
    Michael Hedges
    Andy McKee
    Leo Kottke
    John Fahey (musician)
    Adrian Legg
    Justin King (guitarist)
    Don Ross (guitarist)
    Phil Keaggy
    Chat Atkins
    Antoine Dufour
    Preston Reed
    Erik Mongrain
    Alex De Grassi
    Muriel Anderson
    Martin Taylor (guitarist)
    Billy McLaughlin
    Eric Roche
    Tony McManus (musician)
    Ewan Dobson
    Pierre Bensusan
    Thomas Leeb
    Mike Dawes
    Jon Gomm
    Laurence Juber
    Trace Bundy

Social Influencers To Follow

Facebook Pages:
YouTube Channels:
(32,081 Subscribers)
(36,347 Subscribers)
(3,912 Subscribers)
(290,886 Subscribers)
(27,566 Subscribers)
(23,870 Subscribers)

Other Related Facebook Audiences (Less Refined)

Acoustic guitar, Acoustic-electric guitar, Fingerstyle guitar, Steel-string acoustic guitar, Semiacoustic guitar, Guitar is my life, Guitar Life, Guitar Lovers, I LOVE GUITAR, I Love My Guitar,
Twelve-string guitar, Steel guitar, I Love Playing My Guitar, Guitar Playing, acoustic guitar music,
Acoustic Guitar Videos, Acoustic bass guitar, Left Handed Acoustic Guitar, Love Playing The Guitar.

Reach of Mined Facebook Audience: 10,000,000

All this information is like gold dust in the right hands. Use this info wisely.

If it’s not yet apparent how to actually use this info in the best way then it will become very apparent once you go through your Wealthy Affiliate Training. This info can be used in so many different ways that you will have lots of lightbulb moments going off inside your mind as you go through your training.

Last but not least:

Some Affiliate Programs You Can Promote On Your Website/Blog

Monetizing your website is obviously very important.  You might have your own ideas about how you want to go about this but it’s always good to have plenty of options so you can test which offers work best on your blog.

These are just a handful I found on the ShareASale affiliate platform. There are many more but look at the EPC’s (earnings per click) on those. Pretty awesome right?  There are 58 affiliate programs you can apply to on the ShareASale platform all directly related to the Acoustic Guitar Niche and many more in the general music niche.

How To Start A Blog About Acoustic Guitar

If you don’t have a ShareASale account you can create one HERE

Anyone can become an affiliate on ShareASale you just need to fill in the form and you are good to go:

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I always make myself available to help so please reach out 🙂

Final thoughts

You have chosen a really great niche to start your blogging business on.  There are so many low competition keywords you can target (Taught inside Wealthy Affiliate) in the Acoustic Guitar Niche that you will be ranking content on the first page of Google in no time at all.

Hopefully, I have helped answer your question on How To Start A Blog About Acoustic Guitar. I wish you all the success in the world.

Thanks again for stopping by any comments or requests please leave them in the comments section below

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