How to Become a NFL Referee

how to become a nfl referee

If you’ve ever wondered how to become an NFL referee, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find information on what it takes, how much it pays and what qualifications you need. It’s also possible to get started right away by signing up for an online course.


Before applying to be an NFL referee, it’s important to understand what the job entails and what kind of education and experience you’ll need. The process for becoming a professional referee is lengthy and requires a combination of experience, education, and connections. Most referees begin their career at the high school level, and they will spend three to five years in this position. Afterward, they will take special training sessions and gain certification. This will improve their chances of being hired by the NFL.

To become an NFL referee, you’ll have to complete a number of courses to learn all the rules of football and become certified. In addition, you’ll have to register with the state you live in and pass a written exam.


Before you can become an NFL referee, you should have experience officiating a variety of sports. To get the best experience, you should join a football sports association. You can find an association by conducting an online search. It will be able to provide you with information about games in your area.

An NFL referee has many obligations, both on and off the field. A typical week requires about 30 hours of work. Often, that means working weekends and evenings. The work can be difficult and there’s a risk of physical and verbal abuse. There are also instances of on-the-job injuries.

Working as a referee can be a lucrative career choice. NFL officials are paid as part-time employees. On average, they make over $205,000 annually. But you should expect a tough job, and a high level of dedication.


If you’re interested in becoming a referee, one of the first steps is to learn more about the NFL’s rules. NFL officials earn a lot of money. Unlike other sports, the NFL’s referees are fully compensated for their work. As such, they can expect to make more than the other six crew members. In addition, they will receive bonuses in the postseason.

To become a referee in the NFL, you must complete an application. This will ask for a lot of information. For example, you need to list your officiating schedule for the last three seasons. You will also need to list the teams and schools you’ve worked at. For a better chance at getting accepted, you should also have a degree in a sports related field.


To become a referee for an NFL game, you need the right experience and education. Most referees start out at the high school level, and then move on to college. These experiences are valuable in brushing up on the rules of the game and building up your confidence. Luckily, the job market for NFL referees is strong. The short career spans of professional athletes mean that referees are constantly in demand, as replacements are needed due to age and injury. However, competition is fierce, so experience is essential.

In order to become a referee for an NFL game, you must have at least five years of experience officiating American football games. In addition, you should have some experience officiating major college games. Many football referees are scouted and monitored before they get called up.

Super Bowl rings

The Super Bowl is the biggest football game in the world, and not only the players, but also the officials get rings for officiating the game. The rings are not as large as those won by the players, but they are still prized possessions. There are many different routes that you can take in order to become a Super Bowl rings refereer.

NFL referees are paid part-time. They spend most of the season officiating games, but then are forced to go into a dark period from mid-May to the end of the season. They get paid extra to officiate the Super Bowl, and they are honored by being awarded the ring as a symbol of a special game. The ring is associated with a game in 1968, when the Green Bay Packers beat the Oakland Raiders. In that game, Bart Starr was named MVP and was the most valuable player.

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