How to Become a Lawyer in BitLife

how to become a lawyer in bitlife

There are many ways to make money in BitLife, and becoming a lawyer is one of them. To become a lawyer, players need to first pass law school. Once they do, they can then go to the Jobs section of the Occupation menu and choose “Law Clerk.” From there, players can advance to Junior Associate or even Partner, if they wish.

Work hard

If you want to become a lawyer in BitLife, you should know that there are many different paths that you can take. You can start by becoming a Law Clerk. As you advance, you can become a partner or judge. However, you must be smart and complete all of your education.

Once you have graduated from Law School, you can apply for a position at a law firm. This job will require you to spend a certain amount of time practicing law. You can even apply for a position as a Magistrate, a position that requires more than five years of experience. After a certain amount of time, you can become a Court Judge, and this will grant you the ability to become a BitLife Judge Judy.

You can apply to become a lawyer in BitLife by completing the required education requirements. To get into a law school, you need to have a University degree and a major in English or Political Science. Make sure that you get good grades, and you should have a high Smarts stat.

Get into law school

If you are interested in becoming a lawyer in Bitlife, you’ll need to get into law school. Getting into law school requires a certain degree in an academic subject, which depends on your preferences. Generally, English, Political Science, or History will qualify you for law school. Those who have studied anything else will be rejected. However, there are some exceptions to the rule.

One way to become a lawyer in BitLife is to study hard and take the LSAT exam. This requires a high intelligence level. Besides, you also need to have good grades. You should be involved in extracurricular activities and get a high GPA.

Get a corporate job

If you want to become a lawyer in Bitlife, you must be very smart. You can start by being a law clerk and work your way up to Associate or Partner. As you become more smart, you can eventually become a Judge. However, there is an alternative path to becoming a lawyer, which we’ll go over in the following sections.

The first thing that you need to do is get an 80% smartness level in BitLife. If you don’t have the 80% level, you should start over and try to get a higher level of smartness. If you want to become a lawyer, you should work hard and study hard. You should also head to the Library as early as possible. Lastly, you should spend time with your parents, meditate and go to the movies.

Become a fire chief

The first step in becoming a fire chief is to become certified as an EMT. This certification can be obtained in several levels. Many fire departments require firefighters to have the basic level certification, but paramedic certification will open more doors. Firefighters can also choose to continue their education by taking courses or programs offered by accredited fire and safety schools. Other options include becoming an executive fire officer, which will teach them more about the administration side of their job.

The second step is to choose a career. As you progress, the game will prompt you to find a job. Firefighter jobs are rare, so you may not be able to find one right after graduation. Instead, you may have to wait a year or two, as the job listings change every year. Eventually, you should be able to find a job as a firefighter, and then you can work your way up.

Become a judge

There are many ways to become a judge in BitLife. The first is to start as a lawyer and work your way up to the rank of Magistrate. Once you have reached this rank, you will have to study harder and read more books. You may have to restart your BitLife account and re-roll to achieve this goal.

Getting promoted to judge requires a lot of time and dedication. It also requires a good education and a good moral code. Moreover, a person must be of advanced age to become a judge.

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