How to Become a Goth in BitLife

how to become a goth in bitlife

If you’ve ever wondered how to become a goth in bit-life, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover everything from buying gothic clothing to getting low looks, and even joining the goth clique. But first, let’s take a look at how you can become a god mode player and become a goth.

God Mode

If you have decided to join the Goth Clique in BitLife, you have two options. You can either reroll and choose a less attractive avatar, or you can choose the god mode and reduce your happiness stat. However, if you have bad looks and don’t want to join the Goth Clique, you should look for other Cliques.

If you choose the former option, you should avoid high-profile roles in BitLife. In order to become a goth, you need to have a low-profile avatar, preferably one without great looks or charisma. This will help you avoid unwanted attention from other players. Besides, you need to maintain a low happiness level. The last thing you want to do is make your avatar too happy, as this may be counterproductive.

Once you have decided to join the Goths Clique, you need to make sure you follow the correct procedure. The first step to becoming a Goth is to dress in all black. You can get some inspiration by looking at pictures of famous goths. Becoming a Goth means reading dark books, listening to dark music, and being rude to people.

Buying gothic clothing

There are a few important things that you need to know about becoming a goth in Bitlife, starting with your appearance. To become a goth in Bitlife, you need to have dark hair or silver hair, piercings, and a low popularity and happiness score. Listed below are some tips for getting the look and the necessary items.

If you’re new to the Goth Clique, you may want to start out by joining Goth groups. These groups usually congregate at gothic venues and concerts. You can also search for them on dating websites or social media. When meeting new people, try to find out their likes and dislikes, and ask if they identify as a goth.

Once you’ve got the basic look and attitude, the next step is joining a Goth Clique. To do this, first get your Happiness level to red. You can also try cutting down your looks by wearing God Mode.

Getting low looks

If you are looking to become a Goth in Bitlife, you will need to lower your Happiness and Look stats. This is a prerequisite for joining the Goth Clique. You can also try piercings or tattoos, both of which will make you look depressing.

Low looks are one of the main requirements to become a member of the Goth Clique. You will need to be low-looking to join the clique, which you can do by rerolling your character or by using the god mod. You will need to get at least 20% of the lowest looks in order to join the Goth Clique.

Once you reach adulthood, you can start playing in God Mode, which will enable you to customize all of your stats. However, you will not be able to get low Looks in your early years. It’s possible to get low looks by re-rolling, but you must be consistent and persistent. You can also force low looks later on by eating a poor diet and not exercising enough.

Joining the Goth Clique

If you’re in BitLife, you can join the Goth Clique, a group of people who like to dress in dark colors, wear gothic make-up, and avoid sunlight like the plague. They also enjoy listening to gothic rock and heavy music, and reading books about monsters. However, there are two requirements for joining the Goth Clique. First, you need to have a character with a low happiness and attractiveness score. This will increase your chance of joining the group.

Second, if you want to join the Goth Clique, you need to know the rules of the clique. The Goth Clique is very different from the other cliques in BitLife. You must know the requirements and be able to follow the rules of the clique in order to be accepted into it.

Moreover, you can’t join the Goth Clique if your character has low looks or happiness. The Goth Clique is for those who love the dark, and they are often the ones with the lowest looks and happiness scores. BitLife is one of the most popular life simulation games online today, and you’ll find that you can become a member of many different cliques.

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