How to Become a Certified Life Coach Online Within 6 Months

How to Become a Certified Life Coach Online

Do you want to become a certified life coach and make money from it? If so, you should join the Certified Life Coach Program by the Coach Training Alliance.

Within six months, you will become a proficient life coach with a growing practice and paying clients. Even better, the course is approved by the International Coaching Federation.

Today’s post is a full review of the Coach Training Alliance  & ‘How to Become a Certified Life Coach Online Within 6 Months’  Your new career is easily within your grasp but first, let’s dive into some research on what you can expect.


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How The Certified Life Coaching Program Works

Here are the steps you will follow in your certified life coach training.

how to become a certified life coach online under 6 months


The first step to becoming a life coach us familiarising yourself with the program.

In this session, you get insights on how to succeed from established coaches. You can also ask any questions you have concerning the coursework.

Course Delivery

Several methods are used to deliver content to trainees. These include teleconferencing, interactive software, and online media.

When you register for the Certified Coach Program, you get your course software immediately.

So far, hundreds of people have used the Coach Trainer Accelerator to start and progress their coaching careers. This is a self-contained coach training program that adds another dimension to this unique learning system.

Here are some of the methods used to relay information to learners.

Group Mentoring

A mentoring group consists of you, your classmates, and the mentor coach. Classes are held weekly through teleconferencing and focus on specific models, techniques, and tools.

Coach the Coach

The entire course has instances where you get coached, coach others, and watch coaching as it happens. Members of your mentoring group serve as your practice community – they enable you to become a better coach, by practice and by example.

Virtual Classroom

How to Become a Certified Life Coach Online in Under 6 Months

Virtual classrooms are exclusively available for members of a particular class. They allow you to share your progress, ask questions, and provide answers to others’ challenges.

More importantly, they keep you connected to your classmates throughout, including when you are outside class.

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What to Expect

Here is what you get by enrolling for the Certified Life Coach Program.

Class Size

Each class has a maximum of 12 students. Studies show that the ideal capacity ranges between 10 and 15.

If the participants are less than ten, the class will have low synergy and a poor group learning dynamic. On the other hand, too many students limit participation opportunities.

Course Length

The training lasts for six months or 22 weeks. You can enroll at any time of the year.

Typical Week

Classes last for sixty to ninety minutes weekly.

Program Specifics

Here is what the Certified Life Coach Program encompasses.

Course Outline

The Certified Life Coach Program has five main sections, namely:

• Coaching from the center

• Impeccable business sense

• Effective coaching tools

• Becoming a client magnet

• Managing coaching sessions

Course Media

The Certified Life Coach Program has an unrivalled course text and media. The latest edition of the Coach Training Accelerator has many online training materials and coaching resources.

Additionally, you can listen to over eight hours of audio tutorials. The package also includes five coaching sessions with real-life clients.

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How to Become a Certified Life Coach Online in Under 6 Months

Learning Model

The Coach Training Alliance uses a unique model known as the LearnMore System.

Its most significant advantage is that it promotes experiential learning. Simply put, you practice the concept you learn in class.



The Certified Coach Program is recognized as an Approved Coach Specific Training Hours course by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This is because the course meets the standards set by the ICF.

However, it is worth noting that this accreditation does not guarantee the effectiveness of training or the trainee’s success in their coaching career.

Code of Ethics

The Coach Training Alliance and the International Coaching Federation follow a system that respects and considers the trainee as a resourceful, creative, and holistic individual. As such, these are the responsibilities of the coach:

• Know, clarify and align with their client’s goals

• Motivate the client with self-discovery

• Evoke strategies and solutions from clients

• Ensure that the client is accountable and responsible

Graduation Requirements

You must fulfil the following requirements to graduate from the Certified Coach Program.

• Attend all orientation sessions

• Be an active participant in at least 10 of the 12 group mentoring sessions

• Get involved in at least eight of the ten Coach the Coach sessions

• Read and implement the Coach Trainer Accelerator syllabus in full

• Complete at least 80% of the assignments in the program

• Finish a minimum of 20 sample sessions

• Pass the written examination

Upon graduation, you get a digital certificate ready for printing and framing. You also receive an insignia to place on your website, business cards, and other promotional products.

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Benefits of the Certified Coach Program

The following are the benefits of enrolling in the Certified Coach Program.

• Love what you do – coaching is enjoyable since you help others achieve their goals.

• Acquire useful skills – this training grows you both personally and professionally.

• Be in control – you can learn at your pace.

• Get started right away – you can begin earning while in training.

Refund Policy

How to Become a Certified Life Coach Online in Under 6 Months

After paying the registration fee, you are assured of a spot in the class. You can’t shift to another class after signing up. That said, you can cancel your registration 14 days before the course starts.

If the cancellation occurs within this specified period, you will get a refund. Keep in mind that there are no refunds after the commencement of classes.

All refund requests must be made in writing and mailed to the Coach Training Alliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who is Coach Training Alliance?

Since its inception in 2001, the Coach Training Alliance has evolved significantly. The platform offers several training programs based on your business goals. So far, over 9,000 people from 13 different countries have graduated from the school.

2) How Much Does Training Cost?

The fees for individual courses vary from $100 to $500. You can also customize a course to suit your needs.

However, the full Certified Coach Program coasts $3,497, which is payable in instalments.  After six months, you will graduate without delay.

3) Does Coach Training Alliance Offer Free Courses?

Yes, Coach Training Alliance has a few free courses designed for new members. These sessions teach aspiring coaches how to meet and satisfy clients, the challenges of coaching, and, more importantly, the path to success. Click HERE to view the free course modules

4) What is the Average Course Length?

Most classes last for 60 to 90 minutes weekly over six months. Besides, there are weekly interaction sessions and self-study hours.

How to Become a Certified Life Coach Online in Under 6 Months

5) Is the Certified Coach Program Legit?

Yes, the training is legit. The course has an ICF accreditation, meaning that it adheres to industry standards.

Moreover, the Coach Training Alliance is associated with several successful people in coaching and other areas in life.

6) Is the Certified Coach Program Worth It?

Yes. By enrolling in this program, you get the opportunity to interact with successful coaches who teach you the tricks of the trade.

The lessons are comprehensive and accessible, regardless of your location. Even better, the course lasts for only six months.

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Final Words

how to become a certified life coach online

Although the $3,497 fee might seem expensive, it covers everything you need to become a coach. There are no hidden charges, additional expenses for learning resources, and no extra testing and certification fees. You can pay the fees in full or partially in three, seven, or nine installments.

The first payment gets processed when you register for the course. The second one gets processed after 30 days and the subsequent payments too.

When you graduate, you get a digital certificate that you can choose to print and frame. You also get an official Certified Coach insignia from the Coach Training Alliance that you can place on your business cards, emails, website, and other marketing material.

Lastly, graduates get free access to the Coach Training Alliance Coaches as well as the Mentors Certified Life Coach Directory website. This allows you to showcase your skill and start your coaching career.

The level of training and the Industry recognized accreditation you get once you pass will set you up for life. If this is the path you wish to travel then the Coach Training Alliance – Life Coaching Program is the best option if you want to do it online.  You can visit the registration page by clicking the button below.

Any questions or anything you wish me to cover in more depth then please leave your comments below. I personally read and reply to them all.

Thanks for stopping by

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  1. Great information to see here. This is actually another way to generate worthy income online and it makes a lot of sense. I really value everything shared here. The life coach training sounds really good. Never heard of the Coach Alliance though. Will need to do some more research on the company before parting with any cash. Really good informative article though. Thanks

    • Hi Nath,

      Thanks for the great comment.  Yes, I would recommend doing some more research if it makes you feel better. There is plenty of info online and the company and trainers info is readily available. It’s all above board with a fantastic record for delivering top class training and they turn out excellent coaches in many different areas of expertise.

  2. This is such an amazing and helpful article on becoming a life coach. The coach training alliance sounds like a capable and effective training course that will help make life coaches out of people who are interested in becoming so. I think it’s great that you have expatiated on all the course entails making it easier to know what to expect. It’s been on my mind for a while to do a course like this. Thanks for sharing and I will check it out in more detail soon.

    • Hi Beesean. Thanks for your comment. Yes, check it out. If you want more info on anything in particular then please just ask. Happy to help 🙂

  3. Everything has become very easy nowadays considering how resourceful the internet has become, you can do virtually everything remotely now without leaving the comfort of your home. Being a certified life coach online is a great idea, and seeing that the program is way to go through is nice to know.

    • Hey Bruce. Thanks for your comment. Yes, you can get fully certified in so many industries now without ever leaving your home.  A life coach is a really great career choice I think.


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