How To Start A Blog About Japanese Anime [With Full Niche Research]

Do you have a passion for Japanese Anime? Japanese Anime is insanely popular in the USA, with literally millions of monthly searches on google per month from people interested in knowing all about the Japanese Anime industry.

You have landed on this post because you are interested in finding out how to start a blog about Japanese Anime, or maybe you are interested in selling products related to the Japanese Anime Industry.

Either way, you have landed on the right article because today I am doing a full research deep dive into this really awesome niche. Japanese Anime looks like it might be an awesome niche to build a blogging business around and I am going to give you a tonne of niche research to help you on your way.

Knowing your perfect customer/reader/subscriber before you start creating content is a must. Niche research is my speciality and I just love digging into the information on any niche. If you know how to do Niche Research properly you can build an amazing customer avatar and write content your readers will think is awesome.

You can also use the info to create killer targeted Facebook ads once you start doing some paid advertising.

Only a small percentage of bloggers actually create a decent income from their digital real estates. This small percentage do something most do not. They fully research their chosen niches ‘BEFORE’ they even think about writing content or promoting products.

Unsuccessful affiliate marketers/bloggers pick a niche and start writing content and promoting products that they ‘think’ their readers will like.

This is the wrong way to go about things.

Throwing s*** at the wall hoping it sticks is for amateurs. 

You must try and walk in your customer’s shoes, really understand their likes and dislikes. You must find out what kind of media they are consuming online, products they are buying, posts they like, videos they share etc.

So today Anime is the niche topic I will be covering.

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One thing before I proceed…

Creating a Blog is one thing. Being successful at it is another. I wish it were as simple as writing a few posts per week and waiting on the money rolling in, but it takes a lot more than that. Following a content strategy, monetizing your blog in the right way, finding the right low competition keywords. Do all or any of these wrong and you could be wasting your time.

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Ok back to business

How To Start A Blog About Japanese Anime

I spent an afternoon really digging into the Anime niche and I have compiled some awesome information which will really give you a head start when creating your Anime blog or eCommerce store.

The information I have for you has been gathered using Facebook analytics. This info is freely available to anyone. I have extensive knowledge with Facebook ads and the info I will be providing you has been compiled using the Facebook advertising platform.

So let’s dive in..

Your Perfect Reader/Customers Online Avatar

Who Would Buy Products or Services Related To The Japanese Anime Industry (In The USA)

 People who have purchased products or shown a strong interest in Japanese Anime are men and women, ages between 25 and 65.
 They are a mix of Single and married couples with children. A mix of mobile renters, and first-time homeowners, living in condos and single-family houses.
 Has middle income, this group tends to live in smaller cities around the country

Where They Shop

 Otaku Japan
 Otaku Store
 Comic Alley
 Otaku Connected.
 Densha Otoko
 Otaku House
 Anime Otaku Life
 Otaku World
 Otaku Society
 Neko
 EBay
 AliExpress
 Lazada

Japanese Anime Blogs & Websites They Visit

 Crunchyroll
 Anime movies
 Anime News Network
 Otaku World
 Tokyo Otaku Mode
 Anime Network
 Anime Otaku
 Funimation
 Funimation Channel
 Viz Media
 Tokyopop
 World Of Anime
 Right Stuf Inc.
 Anime Society
 Anime-Planet
 AnimeLab
 SideReel
 Anime Otaku Life

Japanese Anime Shows & Magazines

 Pokémon (anime)
 Pokémon: Mewtwo Returns
 Anime Otaku Life
 Japanese Anime
 Kuroshitsuji – Black Butler
 Death Note
 Dragon Ball Z
 Kuroshitsuji // Black Butler
 Sebastian Michaelis
 Otaku USA
 Neo
 Dengeki G’s Magazine
 Animage  Shonen Jump (magazine)
 Weekly Shonen Jump
 Animerica
 CoroCoro Comic
 Hobby Japan
 Tokyopop
 Funimation
 Crunchyroll
 One Piece
 Sentai Filmworks
 Banzai Magazine
 Shojo Beat

Brands They Like

Shops, tools/accessories, websites
 Otaku
 Otaku Anime
 Otaku World
 Tokyo Otaku Mode
 Comic Alley
 Otaku USA
 World Of Anime
 Otakus World
 Otaku Society
 Otakuland  Anime Network
 Otakuthon
 “Otaku Japan”
 Sac-Anime
 Otakudesho
 AnimeNEXT
 Youmacon
 FanimeCon
 AnimeCon

Celebrities In Japanese Anime They Follow

 Hayao Miyazaki
 Satoshi Kon
 Hideaki Anno
 Makoto Shinkai
 Isao Takahata
 Mamoru Hosoda
 Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Other Related Audiences (Less Refined)

Anime movies, Animated movies, Otaku, Anime Otaku Life, Otaku World, I Love Anime, Anime Otaku, Japan anime, Anime Lovers, Anime & Manga Lovers *-*, Anime Addicts, World Of Anime,
Anime Society, Tokyo Otaku Mode, Anime Fan Club, Anime Paradise, AnImE lOvEr, AnimeFest, Otaku Anime, Ichigo Kurosaki Fan Club, List of Soul Reapers in Bleach, Bleach: Soul Resurrección, Anime Forever, Anime world, Anime Network or Bleach (anime)

Reach of Mined Audience: 26,000,000

Japanese Anime Social Influencers They Follow

Facebook Pages:
YouTube Channels:
(1,293,427 subscribers)
(77,725 subscribers)
(444,488 subscribers)

Ok, that’s it for now…

This might seem like a lot of information, but now you have it and if you save this post then you can check back when you’re maybe looking for some content ideas.  We all get writer’s block now and then and creating lots of fresh content after a while can get difficult.

One way this information can be used is to go look up some of the social influencers in the list. See what content of theirs gets the most likes and shares. then you can go create content in a similar way, in your own words and style of course:-)

You can create killer Facebook ads using the audiences if you want to promote some of your posts..

If it’s not yet apparent how to actually use this info in the best way then it will become very apparent once you go through your Wealthy Affiliate Training. This info can be used in so many different ways that you will have lots of lightbulb moments going off inside your mind as you go through your training.

Last but not least:

Monetizing Your Blog

You might already have products or services you want to promote but its always better to test many different products or services.  You just never really know what will convert the best.  Joining an affiliate program database like ShareASale is a good idea. They have thousands of vendors under one roof you can apply to become an affiliate for.

There are many services and products directly related to Japanese Anime you can promote on the ShareASale platform. ShareASale is an affiliate platform designed for content creators/bloggers to monetize their websites.

You can sign up to some of these affiliate programs on ShareASale and make commissions when your readers buy something you promote on your website. This could be from a banner you place on your site or from a product or service review you might write.  Don’t worry too much about this part right now. All are taught inside Wealthy Affiliate

See the screenshot below of some of the Products available on ShareASale (Look at those EPC’s (earnings per click) pretty sweet right :-) 
How To Start A Blog About Japanese Anime

If you don’t have a ShareASale account you can create one HERE

Anyone can become an affiliate on ShareASale you just need to fill in the form and you are good to go. ShareASale is free… always.

If you are unsure how to do this then reach out to me on Wealthy Affiliate when you create your free or premium account.  My username on there is ‘hoganeye’, but you will see me if you join via my link. Joining via my link will link you to me inside the platform.

I always make myself available to help so please reach out 🙂

Final thoughts

Hopefully, I have helped answer your question on How To Start A Blog About Anime.  If I have left you with more questions than answers then do not sweat it. One step at a time. Just reach out to me on Wealthy Affiliate and I’ll help you all the way.

Getting started is the hardest part you will face. Procrastinating over getting started is only hurting you in the long term.  If you are unsure about starting a blog in the Anime niche then please stop.

Just do it.

You have nothing to lose apart from some time. But I can say after giving this niche a thorough going over that it is most definitely a viable niche to jump into. It ticks enough boxes that I give it a big thumbs up.

I wish you all the success in the world.

Thanks again for stopping by any comments or requests please leave them in the comments section below


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