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There are over 2 billion websites currently on the internet and countless billions of articles, blog post, etc. Each one vying for its own spot at the top of Google. Most do not get anywhere near the first page of google and even more float around on the web in no-mans-land getting no traffic.

The tiny percentage that is on the first page of google and gets a lot of daily traffic are the people who know how to write and format their content in the right way.  They know how to do keyword research, they know how to engage their audience.

If you can follow a set of rules with every blog post you write you will be in that top percentage of websites who enjoy lots of traffic and who enjoy earning money from their websites.

These rules are not complicated, but they do need to be studied and the skills learned need honed over time.

If you are new to blogging or you are still in the “Can I do this” frame of mind and hesitant about starting your own blog then I’m positive this post will really help you on your way. So let’s dive into my Blog Writing Tips For Beginners and Writing The Perfect Blog Post tutorial.

Writing The Perfect Blog Post

Writing ‘the perfect blog post’ is not really possible as it’s totally subjective by whoever reads it. Formatting the perfect blog post would be a better way of explaining it. This is what I am going to be discussing more than the actual content of the blog post.

There is a very specific way you should format your blog post so that they read well and are very SEO (Search Engine Optimized) friendly which makes the content easy to read by google. If Google finds your content unique and relevant to the topic and keywords then they will reward you by moving you up the ranks and hopefully onto the first page of Google overtime.

There are ways to make all this happen faster by doing off-page SEO, gaining backlinks, etc but no need to worry about that for now.  Choosing the right keywords, creating unique and engaging content, formatted on your blog in the right way is enough to get page one rankings.

These blog writing tips for beginners will set you apart from most of your competition and you will be enjoying regular hyper-engaged readers in only a few short months..

Let’s dive in:

Choosing The Right Keywords

Blog Writing Tips For BeginnersThere’s no point in having a great idea for a blog post if you don’t have your keywords picked first. You can write from now until next year and it will all be for nothing if you have not done your keyword research first.

Note**If Keyword research is like a foreign language to you, do not fret. I will point you in the right direction later on in this post.

If you’re just starting out and you are working on your first pieces of content for your blog then you will need to be targeting Low Competition Keywords.  Low competition Keyword phrases are simply phrases that are not targeted by the bigger bogs and websites in your chosen niche due to the fact that they do not have high monthly search volumes and not worthy of their time.

But these keywords can mean an untapped goldmine just waiting to be scooped up by people like you and I.

Choosing a low competition keyword phrase, following this guide, and then creating content around that keyword phrase, your chances of hitting that first page on google go up 10 fold.

Here is a real-life example of a low competition keyword in action.

So you are reading this blog post right now. What did you type into Google before landing on this post?  If you look at my blog post title which is: Blog Writing Tips For Beginners | Writing The Perfect Blog Post. There is a good chance you typed ‘Blog Writing Tips For Beginners‘  into Google to see my post on the first page (hopefully)

Blog Writing Tips For Beginners
is my low competition keyword phrase.  I had an idea about doing this blog post and went into my keyword research tool which is JAAXY.  There are lots of keyword research tools available but this is my one of choice. I personally think it’s the best but others might disagree…

I like the ease of use and have had really good results with it over the last while. Anyway, let’s look at the data surrounding this phrase.

See the screenshot below:

As you can see from the screenshot above Blog Writing Tips for Beginners has an average monthly search of 56. That’s 56 times that exact phrase is entered into google over a month.

The traffic I can expect to get personally from that phrase is 10 clicks onto my website per month.

The QSR column is how many other websites have that exact phrase on it or in their article titles.  Anything under 100 QSR is a possible keyword phrase I will consider. 

I don’t worry too much about the SEO column.

You might be thinking 56 monthly searches and only a possible 10 clicks per month? What the heck is the point?

This took me a while to get to grips with but once you understand it it’s a big lightbulb moment.  If you can get on the first page of google with a low competition keyword phrase then you are instantly, in Google eyes becoming an authority and you are creating great relevant content which people are clicking on and reading.

Plus at least your content is getting traffic, if you try to compete with the big dogs in your niche then you will not have a chance. Is it not better having 50 blog posts of the first page of google all getting a small amount of traffic than 50 blog posts not ranking on the first page and getting no traffic at all?

Has the lightbulb gone off yet?
Blog Writing Tips For Beginners

There are millions of low competition keyword phrases that are there for the taking that even newbie blogger can rank for without much effort. This is why I love JAAXY so much as it makes this process of finding low competition keyword phrases a breeze and it suggests so many more your head will be spinning for ideas of great content you can rank on page one with.

JAAXY is my secret tool and gives me an advantage over most.

A side note of ranking for those low competition keyword phrases is once you are on the first page of Google for your keyword phrase, in time and if you keep following the same plan and adding content regularly to your blog or website you will start to rank and show up on Googles coveted ‘first page’ for a whole slew of words and phrases you were not even trying to target.

It’s a snowball effect and over time will mean floods of highly-engaged website traffic… Happy days 🙂

Formatting Your Content Correctly

This is another topic that is subjective but I’m going to show you how I have been taught and how I teach my students how to set up their content which is SEO friendly and also looks great. This process is really simple but cannot be underestimated on how important it is.

I always use a template when I writing a blog post. A simple template that is easy to follow. A kind of fill, in the blanks process. Following this template ensures my content is always Google and SEO friendly which is broken up with H3 tags and titles.

Take a look at the screenshot below. This screenshot is taken from my blogging platform where I manage all my blog posts and have access to all my fellow bloggers.

Psst:  If you are looking for a community of like-minded bloggers and need a platform to host and create your websites then I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to join and you will be instantly placed into my group where we all help each other out.

Ok back to business. Take a look at the screenshot below:

What you are seeing in the above screenshot is the templates page inside my wealthy affiliate back office. The highlighted template is the template I’m writing on right now.

Here is what the template looks like when opened up.

As you can see its very simple and that’s a good thing but the structure of this is very important.  You start with an introduction. This into can be one paragraph or a few, but it’s laying the foundation of what the reader should expect, and its the perfect chance to hook your reader into reading more.

You will want to insert your main keyword into this introduction at some point. Make sure it reads naturally though..  You can add your keyword a few times if the content warrants it but it’s not really required.  As long as your main keyword phrase is in your title and in your introduction that’s normally enough.

Keyword stuffing is not a good idea. Google will penalize you for it if you are adding a keyword phrase too many times. It’s NOT required.

Correct Usage Of H3 Tags

You see the highlighted Topic ideas 1,2,3,4 in the screenshot above?  That’s your H3 tags and can be used to break up your content and insert some more focus keywords if you want. Focus keywords are other keyword phrases you might want to rank for and if they are set as H3 tags then Google will read them and you can see rankings from these also.

Writing Highly Engaging Content

Blog Writing Tips For BeginnersThis is where it all comes together. You have your blog post format structure. You have a great low competition keyword phrase you have an awesome idea for content now its time to put the proverbial pen to paper.

If you have are writing about a passion interest, hobby, or something you are very knowledgable in then this part will come easy to you. If you are not an expert on the topic then you will have to spend time researching the topic and gathering information and crafting an original and engaging article from scratch.

Either way, you have all the information you will ever need on a topic online.  Just make sure your research is correct before moving forward.

Blog Writing Tips For Beginners Conclusion

This tutorial is really just covering the basics of how to craft a blog post in the right way. I’ve hopefully not left you with more questions than answers but covering everything in one blog post is not really possible.  You will pick things up as you go and will be an expert in no time at all.

If you hate the idea of doing all this on your own and would like to join a group of like-minded individuals then we would love to invite you in.  Wealthy Affiliate is my online ‘home’ and I love it. Everything you need to build your business is there, no need for anything else.

You can join us HERE it’s free to join and you will not be asked for a credit card.

Thanks again for stopping by clearskylearning.

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12 thoughts on “Blog Writing Tips For Beginners | Writing The Perfect Blog Post”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this well thought out and easy to understand article and you seem to really practice what you preach when writing your content for your blog. 

    You make a lot of sense when you point out that 50 articles ranking for low competing keywords are better than 50 articles written with competitive keywords that never get seen, so thanks for explaining that so well. 

    Is Jaaxy part of Wealthy Affiliate or is it a separate platform that must be signed up for?

    • Hi Michael.  Thanks for your comment. Jaxxy can be bought on its own, but if you sign up for wealthy affiliate you get it for free. That was the deal maker for me.  I was paying $99 per month for the basic AHREFS account. Now I get Jaxxy and everything else in Wealthy Affiliate for $49. Pretty much a no-brainer.  Thanks, again..

  2. This is a very well written and laid out post on blog writing tips for beginners. You have explained the steps on how to write blogs in a way that is easy to follow and implement.

    I have heard in the past that H3 tags are favored by Google, but do you perhaps know why H3 is better than H2 and H1? And should one also use H2 and H1 on occasion, or rather just stick to H3?

    • HI LineCowley.

      Thanks for your comment.  With regards to your question about H2, H3, H1 tags.  There is debate about this but I just follow the training provided inside Wealthy Affiliate. The title of your blog post is an H1 tag anyway.  You can make the first tag an H2 and the rest H3 or you can got right down to h5 or whatever. Why complicate the process when the SEO value is not affected that much by just using all H3 tags

      I will always just teach use H3 tags or until I’m told different withing the training.

      Thanks again 🙂

  3. Wow! Thanks for the advice! I had no idea SEO was so important. I’m considering blogging.

    That Jaaxy tool looks like it’ll save me a ton of time. I can finally find low competition keywords and rank, according to Google.

    I know how to blog, but I’m relatively new to SEO keywords. Where can I go to get more information about this Jaaxy SEO tool? I want my website to rank on the first 1st page on Google. Any advice helps. Thanks!

    • Hi Josh. Thanks for reading and commenting on my post. With regards to SEO, yes it’s massively important. But knowing the basics and implementing them puts you ahead of 99% of your competitors.  Most just do not take the time to learn it and its pretty easy to learn.

      I would suggest creating a free account at Wealthy Affiliate as you get full access to everything for a week. You can choose to stay a free member or upgrade to premium, but it’s not required. The training inside is designed to take a total beginner through the full process of setting up your blog, which is all done with the Wealthy Affiliates blog builder tool.

      It will install all the required SEO plugins and use a super-fast hosting provider, this is all automatic and part of the membership, even the free membership.

      You will then go through your training certification which will teach you how to set things up on your website and how to add SEO friendly Keyword optimized content. You get access to JAXXY so no need for a separate membership.

      I could rattle on for ages but you are better just creating your free account and going through the training yourself.  It’s pretty awesome and will speak for itself once you see it. You can get your account here  Hope this helps.

  4. Hi Martin

    I’m glad I found your article today when I was looking for some tips that can help me to improve my blog writing, I must say I might not a beginner, but I like to read more about new tips and new formulas that can help me to be better at blogging.

    As I was reading your article, I was taking some notes, I’m glad I found your website, you’re good at writing great information that will help many to start blogging or to improve their career as bloggers. Your article is a great example on how to write a blog post with valuable information and it looks like you are in the right place to learn.

    I’m sure as people and new bloggers will find your article as you did a very good work on SEO, they will be happy to read your blog to learn more about how to write a blog and make money online, but must of all, they will be so lucky to have you as their personal coach, they will learn a lot from you!

    I’m also a member from Wealthy Affiliate and we both have the same coach: Kyle! I’m sure your website will do great!

    • HI Alejandra.  Thanks for your great comment, it’s appreciated. Yes, Kyle and everyone I have networked with so far is just awesome. Never seen such a tight-knit community. It’s VERY strange to see it actually. The way things are set up is wonderful, It’s so intuitive the way the system makes you want to help out others.

      My questions are answered almost instantly. I keep rattling on about how I wish I had found it right at the start of my online journey back in 2013 but I really mean it. I tell everyone and anyone about it now 🙂

      I’m pleased you got some value from my post. Thanks again 🙂

  5. Your instructions on how to write a blog post are very clear and concise. I like your JAAXY tool for keywords. It seems easy to use and very simple. Ofcourse keywords are important for any post you write to rank in google. Thanks for pointing out that its better to target the low competition keywords, they may have low traffic but its better to be on page one of google and get that little traffic than to be on page 6 and never get any clicks. 

  6. Blog Writing Tips for Beginners is a tutorial that will never be outdated, and I salute you for creating this very helpful material.

    Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I had no idea on how to blog. Thanks for the OEC training and for Jaaxy platform, blogging now is a lot easier. 

    On my OEC training I have not fully understood the low competition keywords or phrase. It’s in this article that I clearly got the meaning and the idea.

    Thank you so much, Martin.

    God bless you more,



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