Blog Writing Tips for Beginners – Build a High-quality Blog Following

If you own a blog, you must know that not all visitors convert into customers.  This underlines the importance of employing strategies to increase the quality of traffic on your website. It is worth noting that high-quality traffic translates to quality backlinks and a higher ranking on search engine result pages.

That said, the quality of your content correlates with the quality of the traffic you get – the better it is, the higher the conversion rates.

Blog Writing Tips

Learn how to build a high-quality blog following my blog writing tips for beginner’s advice below.


How to Bring Quality Traffic to Your Blog

Here are some useful tips on how to bring high-quality readers to your website.

Blog Writing Tips

1. Post High-quality Content Frequently

Every blog creates a specific type of content. Some overemphasize SEO such that they forget their readers, while others develop posts aimed at selling products and services.

As a blogger, it is essential to assess the quality of your posts and the message you pass to your audience.

Keep in mind that your styles influence the readers’ perception of your blog. For instance, if your visitors find the content irrelevant, they will shift to other sites.

If you want to attract quality traffic to your blog, your posts must be accurate, engaging, timely, and relevant. Moreover, high-quality content increases your blog’s popularity with authority sites in your niche.

2. Convert Returning Customers

Most newbies don’t know how to convert returning customers into quality traffic. The best way to do it is by continually publishing relevant content.

If a person notices that most of your posts solve their challenges, they will regularly visit your site. Even better, they are likely to recommend your blog to their friends.

You can find out what your target audience likes by visiting other sites in your niche or using social media groups and pages.

Blog Writing Tips

3. Reach Out to the Ideal Audience

Creating outreach campaigns is an excellent way of interacting with your ideal audience. You can do this by publishing guest posts and commenting on authority sites in your niche.

If you have a problem identifying authority sites, use tools like Alexa, Domain Authority, Global Rank, and Page Authority, and so on.

Once you pinpoint them, contact their administrators, publish guest posts, and request them to backlink to your blog.

Blog Writing Tips

4. Build Homage Consistently

Another proven method of building a high-quality blog following is by creating homage consistently.

This involves publishing informative posts, engaging with your target audience, and helping your readers solve their challenges.

More importantly, it would be best if you were loyal to your audience.

Blog Writing Tips

5. Target Traffic Properly

Some bloggers get tempted to use underhand methods to drive more traffic to their sites. Besides generating low-quality traffic, using such tools can result in penalization from Google, which means a lower ranking on search results. In worst-case scenarios, your site might not appear on search engine result pages.

Avoid using tools like ‘Traffic Generation Software’ if you want to maintain your blog’s reputation in Google’s eyes.

It will also help if you shun dishonest methods such as buying traffic.

Instead, focus on improving your content quality and investing in other strategies such as search engine optimization, paid search, social media marketing, sending email newsletters, and so forth.

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6. Accept Guest Posts

As mentioned above, publishing high-quality guest posts on authority sites increases your blog’s popularity, as well as the quality of its following. The same applies to allow other bloggers to publish on your site.

When Google discovers that your content has quality backlinks, you rank higher on search results and get more traffic as a result.

Blog Writing Tips

7. Respond Promptly

How quickly do you respond to your audience when they ask questions or leave comments on your blog?

Are your replies relevant?

These factors are crucial to building a high-quality following for your website.

Always ensure that you respond promptly and give relevant answers.

You should particularly pay more attention to complaints and negative comments because replying to them shows that you care about your visitors.

Some blogs appear dormant since their admins don’t respond in time. Even if you leave a compliment, they will not respond.

This behavior often disappoints your visitors and can encourage them to go for more interactive options.

Blog Writing Tips

8. Post on your social media platforms

Social media is another highly useful marketing tool that you can use to drive lots of traffic to your blog.

You can promote your blog using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as well as LinkedIn.

Focus on creating sharable content on social media platforms to make it easier to convert your followers to visit your blog.

Remember that the more you engage with your audience on social media platforms, the more you increase traffic to your website.

You can include a link to your blog on your social media profiles to take this strategy to a whole new level.

Content creation is quite simple, and you only need to put it in a manner that is easy for your readers to understand.

Blog Writing Tips

9. Learn from Google analytics

Another great way of gaining a high blog following is through the use of Google Analytics which is a free tool.

Through this tool, you can be able to check your website analytics as well as service tracked links for your marketing campaigns.

Doing this enables you to determine the best strategies to use and identify the correct type of content for increasing traffic to your website.

Blog Writing Tips

10. Write captivating headlines

Headlines play a vital role when it comes to gaining a high blog following. If your headline is not compelling, there are very high chances that readers will not read your post and move on to other websites.

There are several headline analyzer tools available online such as the EMV headline analyzer tool which you can use to determine the real emotional marketing value of your headline.

Such tools also give you ideas on how best you can improve the headline bearing in mind Search Engine optimization to achieve more blog success.

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