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Hi,  my name’s Martin. I’m an affiliate/internet marketer and clearskylearning.com is my website I have recently made so I can share and teach some of the methods and systems I have used over the years to make a comfortable living online.

I’m not some flashy fake guru who claims to have made millions from the Internet by doing next to no work.

Online success takes time and dedication.  When you do things right and do them consistently then the money will come in time.

I’m a father of two great kids and have a great wife of 18 years.  I am a carpenter to trade and only got involved in Internet Marketing back in 2013 when I suffered a pretty nasty accident breaking my wrist and collar bone. Long story short, hard manual labor was no longer a viable way for me to make money.

I live in Scotland so the harsh weather coupled with ongoing pain was my boot up the backside to seek alternative methods of making money.  I always dabbled with computers and had a little side gig upgrading and fixing friends and families PC’s and laptops, this eventually transpired into me building a website and then into affiliate marketing.

That’s my wife and me on vacation a couple of years back. 🙂

I only realized I could actually make some pretty decent money from affiliate marketing after joining a few forums and networking with people.  Some of the money being made by these guys was insane but some were making it in some less than legitimate ways.

I have zero time for these methods and will not entertain it.

If you are here and still reading this then I guess you are interested in doing things the right way.

I have a few niche websites where I promote all kinds of products and services. These websites combined earn me a nice living. I’m not greedy and only work a few hours each day maintaining them.

I will be showing you exactly how I go about this and what methods and tools I use.  I will be using affiliate links in some of these posts and I will receive a commission if you ever make a purchase via one of my posts but I will guarantee you this. If I’m writing about something in a promotional or positive way it’s because I fully believe that its a great product or service.

I want every visitor who lands on my website to feel like it’s a fantastic source of information and will want to come back.

Making it online is not for the faint-hearted or for the lazy but once you put in the work it can pay dividends for years to come. Making passive income online is not magic, it’s putting in the work once in the correct way then reaping the benefits down the line. Rinse and repeat this and you are onto a winner.

Clear Sky Learning is my platform to teach people new to affiliate marketing the do’s and don’t and hopefully guide and steer newbies in the right direction away from the many scams and shady people you will no doubt come across.

Welcome to my blog 🙂

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