A Perpetual Income Review | What Is Perpetual Income 365 About

If you are a newbie in the Internet marketing world and are feeling confused about what online “Done-For-You” systems like Perpetual Income 365 are, then I personally invite you to read this review of Perpetual Income 365 to find out what this program is, what it promises, who the owners are and if you can even make any money with it.

With so many make money online courses, programs, and software out there it’s a total minefield of scams, false claims, shady marketing tactics, and everything in between, that your head will be spinning and you will feel overwhelmed before you even get started.

So today in my ‘A Perpetual Income Review | What Is Perpetual Income 365 About’ blog post I will be delving deep and doing a full breakdown of this program and if it is something worthy of your time and money.

So let’s get started..


To be honest, it wasn’t exactly clear to me what this program was even about when I first landed on the Perpetual Income 365 landing page. The introduction video and the promotional text looked scammy at first glance.

But as always, if you want to know all the truth about a system or product, you should do some detailed research on the background of the person who has created it and that’s what I’ve done and I’m going share it with you in this review. From the information provided on the official website of Perpetual Income, a person called Shawn Josiah (aka Mr.X) is the creator of Perpetual Income.

The landing page of Perpetual Income is all about “making easy money fast online” and who does not like to become a millionaire overnight? Sadly this is always false advertising and the only way to become a millionaire overnight (that I know of) is to win the lottery or inherit it from a long lost relative, both of which are highly unlikely!

Let’s see if Perpetual Income 365 has anything special to offer on how it guarantees affiliate marketers, new or experienced on how to make lots of easy money from the comfort of their homes.

Continue reading my honest review of Perpetual Income 365 to find out the answer to all the above questions.

Let’s dive into the review!

A Perpetual Income 365 Review

  • Product Name: Perpetual Income 365
  • Website URL:
  • Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Owner: Shawn Josiah
  • Price: $47 per month
  • My Rating: 2 out of 10

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What Is Perpetual Income 365 All About?

In short, the Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate marketing package for beginners and amateurs.

The package includes:

  • A detailed guide to learn Solo Ads
  • Free web hosting
  • 2 “ready-for-you” squeeze pages
  • Email follow-up sequence for up to 31 days

First of all, you should know that there are two other platforms (GetResponse and ClickBank) that you need to join before starting Perpetual Income 365. Actually, with this program your ClickBank and GetReponse accounts will be connected to Perpetual Income 365 which lets you add a squeeze page almost automatically. This is how this program makes a ready-to-use squeeze page for you.

Everything seems ok till now but the story changes when you know that there’s not actually any free traffic and if you want to drive traffic to your ready-to-use squeeze page, you have to buy it from inside the program! And it’s not cheap at all!

The traffic you buy is based on solo ads traffic and it costs you something between $40 to $100. Actually Solo traffic is used by many marketers to sell their products online but you need to know the source of traffic and where it comes from.

Shawn Josiah, the Founder of Perpetual Income 365

I was surprised when I’ve looked at the background of the owner of Perpetual Income 365. On the website, it’s written that this guy has made +$500k with this strategy in ClickBank but there’s not any proof for that. I’ve done more research and find out the name of this guy behind another program called Profits 365 which was released some while ago.

Anything else? Nope! Surprisingly this is ALL I could find about this guy and you know better than me that this information is not enough at all to call a person a guru or trust a product or service that has been created by him.


Now let’s take a closer look at different sections of Perpetual Income 365

Free Email Swipes

This is a tool that lets you have 31 ready-to-use emails for your campaign. If email writing takes a lot of your time, you can give Free Email Swipes a try.

Ready-Made Squeeze Page Integration

There are a lot of ready-made squeeze pages at hand. However, setting them up (connecting them to your affiliate pages and your autoresponder) would be overwhelming for the beginners.

Shawn showed that the Perpetual Income 365’s squeeze pages are the ones that really work, and they are already set up, which is an advantage and saves you a lot of time.

Solo Ad Introduction

In short, Shawn described the solo advertisement traffic and suggested a few sellers for your first attempt. By reading this information, you can start to generate traffic from solo ads right away.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The menu is simple and straightforward and there’s not anything complicated about it. You start with Integrations then go to the next sections, Money Pages, Traffic Crusher, etc. and each step is trained using a detailed video.

The Main Reasons I Dislike Perpetual Income 365 are…

Difficult to Scale Up

There’s nothing new to learn from this program. Although everything is ready-to-use for you but you won’t be able to scale up your business and move it to the next level. From my point of view this is not the strategy that you can use for a long time and you’ll have to change it sooner or later.

The introduction 25 minutes video only lets you know about the basics and if you want to learn more, you need to do your own research.

Refund Is Not Guaranteed!

This is one of the strangest things that I’ve seen on any course landing page. Shawn, actually asks the new members not to claim a refund! And if they do, they may be blacklisted! Shawn shockingly says “only cheap people” claim a refund and it’s clear why he dislikes this as in his view people sign up, see what the course is all about and take what they can from the course contents then ask for a refund.

While this is true in some cases and should be taken for granted with every online course, the majority of people, if they are happy with what they have paid for will not ask for a refund.  Labeling everyone as cheap if they ask for a refund is just plain ridiculous!

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He says:  “The moment you click the refund button, your ID will automatically be blacklisted and you can’t continue using the program!”

  • The first paradox is that the landing page guarantees that your money will be handed back within the first 60 days without any questions. ClickBank explicitly permits purchasers to claim a refund for whatever reason during a set amount of initial days. It’s ridiculous and illegal for him not to guarantee customers money back after they purchase the program.
  • Customers are legally qualified to claim a refund when they purchase a product or service with any misleading claims on the sales page.  A misleading sales page delivers a product not expected by the buyer. This precisely applies to Perpetual Income 365 – I was certainly felt mislead by the sales page, clarified at #3 underneath.

People under no circumstances should be labeled as cheap or threatened with being blacklisted. These points alone make me want to run a hundred miles from this program.

Fake Testimonial

There are many testimonials on the sales page; however, I can see two or three phony photographs of an actor, and there is one person from Fiverr who is famous for leaving fake testimonials. Fake names make statements like “I am getting paid from 365 and I recommend it to everyone!”. Well, it’s not an honest testimonial because the person who left that testimonial didn’t even try the product!

So there’s serious doubt about the number of real testimonials on the sales page.


How Much Will Perpetual Income 365 Actually Cost You?

Generally, the cost depends on the amount you can afford; technically more traffic should mean more sales.

But let’s see how much it’ll cost you in total:

  • The program fee: $47 every month.
  • GetResponse monthly fee: Well Shawn claims that it’s “100% free,” but it’s not true! GetResponse offers a 30-days free trial and after that you should pay at least $12/month.
  • Solo Traffic Cost: $40 – $100 to get 20-50 leads

So in minimum you’ll pay $47 (program fee) + $12 (GetResponse  fee) + $40 (solo traffic).

And yes, you’re going to pay $99 on a monthly basis!

There’s a low chance to cover the above cost by making some commission in your first month but keep in mind that 80% of times, you are not going to make more than 2 or 3 sales in the first month and it’s not what can cover your expenses.

Is Solo Ad Traffic of Perpetual Income 365 Worth Trying?

It depends on your niche and product that you’re going to promote. In short, Shawn suggests 4 x solo advertisement traffic sources:

#1 Udimi – you’ll have access to a wide range of sellers and you need to read reviews of each one to choose the best one. If you select a seller with many positive feedback ratings, you will be off to a good start!

#2- Traffic For Me ( – My experience was awful (poor support system and low quality traffic).You may read the reviews first and then make your own choice but I don’t recommend it!

#3- Wayne Crowe – this is the most well-known seller in the list who is a coach and pro marketer. Some people left positive feebacks for his traffic’s quality.

#4- Roy Tay – I have purchased a lot of traffic from him and to be honest it worked sometimes for me but not always!

Upsells of Perpetual Income 365

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In addition to the above costs, there are other expenses that you’ll have to pay and most of them are hidden costs.

  • Perpetual Asset ($127) – In this plan, you can install 5 more squeeze pages. It might be useful if you keep the membership and try various pages and different sources of traffic.
  • 5 Clicks Profit Activator ($197) – In this plan, you can customize your squeeze page, represent additional banner, guest’s national flag, track visitors, etc.
  • Email ATM ($297) – Use “Content Fountain” to re-compose email swipes, “Spam box Filter” to shroud affiliate links to keep away from your email treated as spam, and send a broadcast (one-off messages) utilizing “Instant Broadcasts.” Composing and sending your broadcasts without the correct information can risk spamming and suspend your GetResponse account and this option can help you send your emails right in the Inbox folder of your audience.

Perpetual Income 365 – Pros & Cons


  • You can start affiliate marketing with zero knowledge!
  • Straight forward and easy to follow process
  • Free email swipes.


  • You have to create an account in GetResponse
  • You won’t learn anything new about affiliate marketing and it just covers some basic terms
  • Difficulty with getting a refund. If you request a refund, you’ll be blacklisted!
  • You have to pay for solo ad traffic with no guarantee of sales
  • You are using the same email swipes and landing pages as all other affiliates
  • Cannot scale this method
  • Fake reviews
  • Misleading income guarantees

Perpetual Income 365 Review – Conclusion

Perpetual Income 365 provides the possibility for the beginners to start affiliate marketing without learning in-deep and advanced techniques. However, the truth is that making money online from your comfortable couch is not easy! Yes, I know that you don’t like to hear it but I should be honest with you, right?

The process of making money online is time-consuming, and you’re going to experience many ups and downs in this journey.

Of course, it’s not impossible and with some effort, you can definitely be one of those successful people that is making thousands of dollars online. To start it, you need to land on the Right Training Program first and with hundreds of training platforms out there, it’s not easy to pick the reliable one!

Wealthy Affiliate Is The Best Training Platform On The Internet Hands Down!

But the good news is that I’ve done deep research and found one of the most reliable training platforms for you, it’s called Wealthy Affiliate. I’m personally a member of it and got excellent results. Wealthy Affiliate started to help people build their own online business from 2005 and after 15 years, it’s still one of the top recommended training programs for affiliate marketing, to be honest, It is no exaggeration to say that it’s an online university with an honest and very helpful community which let you start your own thriving online business.

All tools, hosting, training, community and so much are available at Wealthy Affiliate,  all under one roof and all for a fraction of the cost of all competitors. If you are new or experienced it the affiliate marketer’s dream platform.

Do I make a commission if you sign up for a premium account? Yes, I Do. Is this why I shout about it from the rooftops?  Yes and No.  Yes because I fully believe in it, it works, it’s not scammy, it’s not expensive, it’s full of successful entrepreneurs who will bend over backward to help newcomers. Its the real deal and light years better value for money than every competitor out there.

It’s also awesome I can make a commission by promoting something so awesome which I’m fulled involved with. All will become abundantly clear once you create your free account and start your Wealthy Affiliate Journey.

Wealthy Affiliate versus Perpetual Income 365 Comparison Table

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Thank you for reading my A Perpetual Income 365 Review. Feel free to leave your opinion about this program and other money-making programs in the comments below.

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