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Below are my 8 top tips on how you can implement strategies and systems which will earn you money from your blog and capitalize on the traffic you are working so hard to create.

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Starting a blog is often challenging

Before anything, you have to master the art of blogging. Then, you have to devise methods to drive traffic to your website. This can seem frustrating, right?

That said, nobody starts a blog out of altruism. People want others to see and share their content. They want to become authority figures in a particular industry or niche. Achieving these goals is not simple; driving traffic to your site is hard, and making money from your blog is even more challenging.

The reason why most bloggers don’t earn significant income from their online platforms is failing to observe the basics of the trade. Ignoring the fundamentals of marketing makes it almost impossible to make money from your blog. On the contrary, following the rules paves the way to success.

The Fundamental Laws of Blogging

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned blogger, it is essential to know blogging fundamentals. Paying attention to this increases the likelihood of success. On the other hand, ignoring them makes it almost impossible to drive traffic or make money from your website.

I. Focus

8 Top Tips _ How To Monetize My WebsiteYour blog must focus on a particular topic, industry, or niche. All of the content you publish must be relevant to your chosen area of focus. Otherwise, you will lose your core audience. Keep in mind that people visit blogs repeatedly because they need the content it provides. Veering off-topic can turn them away.

II. Quality

Internet users prefer quality over quantity. If you want to drive traffic to your blog, ensure that you produce quality content consistently. It should be comprehensive, error-free, and cite its sources. If you refer to a study, ensure that you include a link to it. Don’t overlook these elements if you want to monetize your blog.

III. Value

The content you publish must be valuable to your target audience. This will keep the visitors coming, making it easier to make an income from your website. Examples of useful content include detailed tutorials and informative posts that have videos and other media to help the reader understand a particular topic better.

IV. Engagement

The more engaging your content is, the more likely you are to make money from your blog. Create posts that entice people to read on, watch videos, and share to social platforms. If your content is bland, there is a tiny chance of monetization.

V. Authority

Authority refers to your reputation in your industry or niche. The more authority you have, the easier and faster you can monetize your blog. You can build authority by posting informative and engaging content consistently, sharing it on social media, and publishing guest posts on authority sites.

Monetizing Your Blog

Here are eight proven ways to make money through blogging.

8 Top Tips _ How To Monetize My Website

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is among the most popular means of making money through a blog. It involves creating content whose objective is to entice the reader to purchase a third-party’s product or service. For instance, if you have a fitness blog, you can sign up for an affiliate program that sells weight management supplements.

2. Advertisements

Although many people think that starting a pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign can make them a lot of money, this strategy doesn’t generate significant profits unless you get tens of thousands of visitors to your blog daily. When starting, reach out to advertisers and use display ads instead of PPC ads. This way, you can negotiate for a better compensation deal that what search engines offer for PPC campaigns.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is renowned for its effectiveness as an online marketing strategy. The most significant challenge of this method is building a mailing list. For the best result, it is advisable to use specialized platforms like AWeber and MailChimp for sending your marketing emails. You can use the messages to convince the readers to either subscribe to service or buy your products.

4. Sell eBooks

EBooks offer a quick way of making money using your blog, provide the content aligns to your site’s theme. Non-fiction books don’t require creativity. If you teach an unfamiliar skill to many people, you will make good profits from your sales.

5. Sell Courses

Another method of making money from blogs is by selling online courses. Focus on topics that are in demand, and ensure that your content is intuitive and relevant to your target audience. If you are passionate, digital classes can be an excellent source of passive income.

Most online courses teach technical skills like programming, graphic design, and digital marketing. However, you can also create courses covering accounting, finances, stocks, securities, etc. To succeed, ensure that what you teach is better than what is in the market.

6. Sell Digital Products

8 Top Tips | How To Monetize My WebsiteCreating and selling digital products is a smart way of monetizing your blog. The good thing is that you can sell almost anything in a digital format, provided it relates to your blog’s content. You can distribute the content through emails, webinars, or other downloadable means. Popular forms of digital products include videos, audios, PDFs, software files, and so forth.

7. Sell Coaching Services

Although the demand for coaching services seems to be waning, selling such services through your blog can be a rewarding prospect. You can front yourself as a business, career, or life coach, and earn a substantial income from a few clients.

Once you decide what to teach, ensure that you outline your terms of service. It will also help if you streamline the registration process and provide an easy-to-use payment method. If your platform is complicated, customers will abandon it.

8. Secure Sponsorships with Sponsored Posts

8 Top Tips | How To Monetize My WebsiteSponsorships can make you money, but you need to drive traffic to your site to earn a significant income. Ensure that you label all sponsored posts to avoid penalties from the Federal Trade Commission.

Be cautious when choosing sponsors. Ensure that you are honest with your audience. Google examines sponsored links closely and will impose penalties on your blog and the site you link to if you are dishonest.

Final thoughts

I have tried every method on this list over the years and some (for me) are more effective than others.  I would not personally use more than 3 of the methods at any one time on my website.

I see so many bloggers out there promoting products and services with banners and links everywhere but also have google Adsense ads displaying all over their site. This might work for massive traffic websites but for your average blogger its overkill and takes away from any value they are delivering in their content.

Adsense ads popping up all over the place along with banners and product recommendations is just far too much. It’s a big turn off.

Focus on delivering valuable content.

One way to go is to have one or two really good affiliate programs to promote which deliver amazing value and work in tandem with the content you write.  If you are writing content which solves a problem for someone and you also have a great affiliate offer that will further benefit the reader then it makes the process of monetizing your website or WordPress blog that whole lot easier.

Build an email list by giving away valuable information to your readers. Build trust, deliver value. NEVER oversell and things will just fall into place over time.

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